Sunday, December 16, 2012

Makeup Haul at Kanebo Philippines

 Hey beauties!!

I'm soooo excited to share with you these amazing items I bought yesterday at the head office of Kanebo Philippines yesterday!

 Tadaaaaa!!! Bought all of these!

They have this amazing promo...

 I immediately got a friend who worked in Ortigas to take me there the weekend after I saw this poster at their Facebook Page! You'd probably find me funny when you see me looking so jolly and excited the whole day - before and after the purchase.

I've been wanting to get more products from Kanebo, Kate, Coffret D'or and Lunasol for the longest time but I end up not buying since most of the items I like are out of my budget.

So anyway, without further ado, here are the items I purchased with the discounted price:

 Coffret D'or Magicalflat Concealer (P600)

 T'estimo Blush in PK-18 (I can't remember the price)

 Kate Gel Eyebrow in BR-3 (P400)

 Kate Eyebrow Color in LB-1 (I can't remember the price)

 Kate Eyeliner in BR-1 (I can't remember the price)

 Kate My Color Pencil in PK-3 and BU-6 (P200)

 Kate Lipsticks in BE-4 and BE-1 (P200 and P150)

and Lunasol Full Glamour Gloss in Ex16 (P600)

Woooo! And I got them all at 50-80% off! I took home 9 items all in all.
I'm sooooo happy! The price I paid is usually around 3 of the items in their regular price which is a little less than 3k. 

I wasn't able to get the ones I plan to get because they weren't included in the sale but I'm still super happy nonetheless. :D

I can't take my hands off them. I'll probably do some FOTD's using these soon.
Just comment below which ones you want me to review as soon as possible! :)

And I also bought a few items so satisfy the artsy fartsy side of me.

A new set of graphite pencil for sketching.
I always lose my pencils. I either misplace them or I lend it to someone and it never got back to me. :P

 A book about the different artworks I could find in the Museum of Modern Art. I've always wanted to go there but since I don't think I could anytime soon, I'll settle with this so I'll know what to expect when the time comes. ♥

That's all the purchases I have now.
I really am splurging a lot and I really need to control myself. Help?



  1. hi dawn! hope you can post the prizes :D i'm planning to drop by too. thanks <3

  2. hi dawn! hope you can post the prizes :D i'm planning to drop by too. thanks <3

    1. its PRICES..and not prizes...

  3. Awesome sale! =D Glad I saw your post!

  4. Hi Raych! Posted the price but I can't remember the others'. Have fun shopping!

    You're welcome, Chelle! :)

  5. Grabe Dawn ang dami! I can't wait to finally get my money para makapag-splurge na rin ahahhaah! Ka-inggit! <3

  6. I saw this, pero I was thinking kung kanebo ba talga kasi kate nakalagay.. hehe :)

  7. kainggit! :D anlapit lang kaya ng office nila sa office ko! Sana this coming week maka punta ako ^^,

  8. Great haul! Yeah, I'd have to agree with you. I've been keeping an eye on some Kate/Kanebo items too but I'm a bit overwhelmed by their prices! Anyways.. Would you, by any chance know if their gel BB cream is included in the sale too?


  9. Niiice! You got them at good prices! I want to check out the sale too pero ang layo ko sa ortigas.

  10. Great haul!!!!
    Follow me?
    -Jen <3

  11. wow, lovely hauls!! gusto ko yun lipsticks!! ^_~

  12. Hi! Great haul! By any chance, did you notice if there were any eyeshadows on sale? Lunasol products?:)

  13. Meoki - Go go go! Share mo din what you bought when you do!

    Eyah - Hi! I believe Kate is under Kanebo. :)

    Alice - Go lang! I promise you won't be disappointed.

    Jemimah - The Gel BB Creams are out of stock. Even on the stores e. :(

  14. Ida - Sayang. Medyo malayo nga din samin but I just had to! Hahaha!

    Jenna - followed!

    Janet - me too! And they were super discounted so I bought them even if I swore not to buy lippies anymore. Haha!

    Anonymous - there were lots of eye shadows. I didn't bought any because I have too much already e. But there are tons there so you should go visit na! ♥

  15. Ngayon ko lang po narinig este nabasa ang “Kate” brand. Hmmmn, san po nakakabili nyan? XD
    ~Pauline @Kallony