Saturday, November 3, 2012

Eye Wear Haul from People Are People

Hi guys!

I wasn't planning on buying anything today (actually, most of the time I go to the mall, I don't intend on buying anything, haha)... it was actually my brother who was planning to go shopping since I promised to buy him something because he has been like my 'driver' when I don't want to commute. :P

Anyway, while he was browsing for some clothes at People Are People at Robinsons Magnolia, I tried out some if their thick framed glasses (geek glasses as I always call it). You see, I've always loved geek glasses - on me or on someone else. I actually am attracted to people who carry them well! Ahem... TOP of Bigbang. Ahem... 

I was at a dilemma since there were two frames which I like... I thought one was better on me while my bro said that the other one looks better... So I bought both!

I wish they had frames in different colors. But oh well... black is still the best color of frames ever on me anyway so it's all good. The more square-shaped framed glasses were Php199.00 while the other one is Php299.00.

This one is what my bro liked better.
 Me wearing it...

 And this is what I liked more...

 Me again, with the second pair I bought.

So you be the judge!
 Which glasses look better on me? Haha! ♥



  1. Please don't pop off the lens... Please... :D

  2. Kath - I knew it! I like that one too!

    Rae - Don't worry, I won't! Yeah. I see a lot of people taking off the lens. It looks weird. I think some stores sell those without the lenses already. :/

    1. I think square/ rectangular lenses work well on you because of the contrast to your oval round-ish face.

      For ma-kanto faces, round or oval glasses work well naman daw.

      Dont know if the contrast rule works with sunglasses.

  3. pretty!!i love the shades on u!usually nd bagay sa kin ang clear lenses actually kht shades hrap ako makakita ng bagay sa kin.:((

  4. I like the second one, too. It's so... TOP! :)

  5. I wish I could pull this look off, my face is too small for the glasses :(



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  6. Gie - you're not the only one, sis. I have a hard time finding glasses that look okay on me! :P

    Czjai - Exactly why I bought these!!! ♥♥ *Kilig*

    Iya - I have the opposite issue. I have a big head that I can only pull off large framed glasses. :P

  7. So cute ng na-purchase mo, Dawn. I wonder if they'll look good on me. xD

  8. you cute on both eyewear pero mas like ko yun last one! ^_~


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