Friday, October 29, 2010

XYWhite Teeth Whitening Pen - Works in 7 Days?

When we were strolling around Watsons at MOA last Tuesday, I saw a booth promoting XYwhite - a whitening pen that proclaims to work in 7 days! I took the brochure, left the store after buying a couple of bath essentials, and conveniently forgot about XYwhite.

When I came home, I read that the product is made locally and is perfectly safe. Check out the XYwhite Website - it doesn't say that the  whitening pen is out now, but shows that there are two products currently available in the market - toothpaste both for adults and kids. I have not tried the toothpaste yet.

Xywhite Toothpaste pioneered in the Philippines the use and importance of xylitol as a staple ingredient in a toothpaste. This classic peppermint flavored white toothpaste shows that fluoride works best with xylitol as it gives out a naturally cool and refreshing taste that lasts longer than other regular brands of toothpaste. The many benefits of xylitol, the natural food sweetener, make Xywhite toothpaste also ideal for use by people who often experience dry mouth or those suffering from diabetes. Xywhite toothpaste also contains baking soda that helps in teeth whitening. 
Xywhite Tweens Toothpaste is ideal for children six to twelve years old. It is flavored with strawberry crème or blueberry vanilla that will surely invite more brushing and packed with the power combination of xylitol and fluoride.  For optimum protection of the new permanent teeth against cavities, a changeover is recommended from the regular children’s toothpaste (like SansFluo Toothgel Cleanser) to Xywhite Tweens.

Back to the Whitening Pen - it states on the brochure that it costs less than 500 pesos! I've been on the lookout for something that will safely brighten my teeth and this sounds promising! It just might work. I immediately regretted not getting one at MOA.

But yesterday, I finally found it at SM San Lazaro (2nd floor Watsons) in one of the shelves accessible only to the cashier. I guess the promotion for this product is not in full bloom yet.

But boy, am I glad I found it... and that it costs only PhP 410!

I've been using it for two days, no results yet. 

The pen looks like your lipgloss dispenser, only that it contains a small amount of clear liquid (that's really sour) which you apply on your teeth twice a day after brushing. You're not supposed to eat or drink anything for 30 minutes after application. 

After 7 days, your teeth are supposed to be 3-4 shades lighter. We'll see. I'll post before and after pictures, so wait for that people (ack!).

I hope it works!


* This is not a sponsored post! I am really intrigued with this product and I bought it using my own money. I hate my teeth (I drink coffee and tea regularly, but I don't smoke. I inherited my dark gums and yellow teeth from my Dad, who's a smoker).


  1. update us if it is effective, might as well try that one too.. :)

  2. Oooh interesting. I saw another brand at SM Makati that was about P380. It included the whitening gel + teeth guard (?) which you wear for 20 minutes. I haven't seen the XY White pen though so let me know how it goes :)

  3. IamKaye - Will surely do. It's my third day, and a friend commented that my teeth's surface is smoother. I used to wear braces and I'm not sure if that affected the appearance of unevenness. =)

    Kira - Wow, that's cheaper. Though I don't want to wear teeth guard, kind of cumbersome =D

    Nadine - Will post pics! I hope it works!!

  4. sana this will work.. yung crest toothpaste does not work eh.. :C

  5. Same with you, I drink coffee daily! 2 x pa! And wow, whitening pen? I wonder how will I clean the tip of the pen???? :)

  6. Donna- Sensodyne Whitening too, I've been through 5 tubes! =( I hope nga it works even if 1-2 shades lighter lang.

    Nikki - Try it, might work for you. :) I just tissue the tip of the pen after using. I am the only one using it so I won't be sharing germs naman hehehe

  7. interesting! count me in on those waiting for the results! ^_^

  8. is it working the xywhite teeth? God Bless! =)

  9. is it working for whiten teeth?

  10. hi, just wondering if this works? coz i wanna try this whitening pen. thanks!

  11. Unfortunately, I didn't see much of a difference. :(

  12. ohh.:( I hope you will find the right teeth whitening products and share it with us. have a nice day.

  13. Try natural white 5 minute whitening gel also from Watsons