Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Review: Guerlain Parure Pearly White Brightening Fluid Foundation

Hello Lovely Readers! :)

Been a bum all day today. It feels weird to not have to worry about school work and deadlines. 
Although I'm really looking forward to do an artwork soon.
Anyway, today I'm working on doing a giveaway... YES! A giveaway that Liz and I can host as a way to celebrate the graduates of 2012. But more on that later on... so stay tuned!
Liz also went in our house to try and "study" for her exams. We ended up watching some series and doing some nail art which she will upload sometime soon as well! :)

And now that she left and I got nothing else to do, I will FINALLY do this long-delayed review of this lovely foundation from Guerlain.

Guerlain Parure Pearly White Brightening Fluid Foundation

My sis and I bought this along with some other Guerlain purchases last January while they were on 75%-off sale. It's normal price is Php 2,750.00.

What the product says:

Some more information from the box:

Learn what it takes to maintain healthy and radiant skin with a degree in Dermatology.

So on to my review...

The packaging is very elegant. It's quite heavy because of the glass bottle so it's not something that would be easy to carry around.

I like that it has a pump because it's more hygienic and easier to use. The product also smells good just like most of Guerlain's products!

We bought 2 shades.

03 - Beige Naturel for me and 33 - Ambre Naturel for my sis, Trace

Here are their swatches:
on paper

on my hand

when blended on my arms - it's very smooth and easy to blend.

and a before and after shots on my cheek using the shade 03 - Beige Naturel.

I love that this foundation is intended for Asian skin so it has a slight warm tone in it. It doesn't make my skin look grey and I believe 03 - Beige Naturel is a great match with my skin tone.

It has medium coverage that can still be build up! It sets quite fast so quick application is needed.

 The finish of this foundie is matte but unlike some matte foundations I've used, I don't look flat when I apply this. Maybe because of the "pearly" part? It also lets my oily skin stay matte longer too. It took around 6 hours before my face got really shiny. Although it does make some serious oxidation on my face.

And about the pore minimization, just look at the before and after shots, you can see that it does minimize my pores. Well, the uber large ones are still visible but I didn't use any primer there!

And the whitening part? I don't really see any difference with my face. :P

So here's a summary of my review:

What I like about the product:

Matte Finish
Covers pores
Perfect for Asian skin (Available in 6 shades)
Smells good
Love the packaging
Silky smooth and easy to blend
Available locally
Has SPF 15

What I don't like about it:

It oxidizes on my skin too much that it got a few shades darker

That about wraps it up with my review of Guerlain's Parure Pearly White Brightening Fluid Foundation.
What do you think about it?



  1. Ganda ng finish Dawn kaya lang expensive. Lucky nyo malapit kayo MOA and sale pa. :)

  2. Kath, oo nga eh. Too bad they pulled-out na from Marrionaud. Oh well. I don't think I'd buy this again anytime soon unless it's on sale. Wala pa ako money! :P

  3. i'd grab the chance, too! layo lang ng moa sa kin, the nearest, guerlain counter (to me at least) is at rockwell pa LOL
    awesome finish ;-)

  4. While I was reading your review and looking at the photos sabi ko, I want this... Tapos nakita ko sa cons niya na expensive... Ay ayoko na pala. Hahaha! :P

  5. Marge. true! How I wish they do a mega 75% sale again! I actually haven't been to moa lately eh. I'm not entirely sure if Guerlain is still there. All I know was they are pulling out from Marrionaud before but I dunno if they'll be at the department store or something...

  6. Yan nga daw ang problem sa guerlain. Sobra kung mag-oxidize.

    Ikaw na ang official guide ko sa yellow foundation.

    Yellow kung yellow, parang skin ko lang.

  7. The finish is really nice!!!^_^~

  8. Gellie - Haha! True! I would just buy my ever trustful MAC studiofix fluid foundie. It's Php500 less pa! I can only afford this if it's on sale. :P

    Rae - Haha! Mahirap nga maghanap ng yellow na foundie. Mas madami kasing beigy or pinkish eh. :P

    Janet - Agree! I love the finish! :)

  9. Stumbled upon your blog! Very cool, infact :)