Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Party with The Body Shop

Hi girls!!
This post is somewhat picture heavy. :P

Christmas is just a month away! 

Excited? I used to be... 
I loved seeing the city all decorated with Christmas lights and ornaments. I love attending Christmas parties and exchanging presents. And of course the celebration with the family during Christmas Eve.

But now I'm dreading every day that passes by. Why? Because of my thesis! Haha! I wish it's March already!! :P

But enough of the drama! There are still good things that happen even in the middle of these stressful school related stuff. One is going to museums and another is getting invited to events!

Last Thursday, my sister, Tracy, and I went to Ayala Museum. Too bad taking of pictures weren't allowed inside. :( We loved their collection of Jose Joya and Fernando Zobel paintings the most. We also saw John Lloyd Cruz there (quite odd actually).

And after that, we went to The Body Shop's Christmas Party Event with my fellow bloggers!

The venue is at The Body Shop Glorietta

The place was very well-decorated! Look how Christmas-y the surrounding is!

My sister posing in between some of our favorite TBS items.

That's me next to some Christmas Gift Packs. :)
Speaking of Gift packs, don't forget their promo on those wherein you can buy 3 of the gifts and get 1 for free! And you can get a better offer if you're a Love Your Body Member! See more details on their promos and events here.

Here's a list of the bloggers who went in the event!

Oh! And before the event, Issa asked us what special The Body Shop Item would I like to give to a special loved one and why I picked it out.
I can't say which one I picked out though, I still want to surprise my friend about it...

So back to the event...
Issa hosted it and she called each blogger as she handed-out the TBS blogger gift bags and then asked us to tell everyone which TBS item we picked out for our special loved one.

That's Shen of Shen's Addiction sharing with us about what she picked.

And they also prepared us some yummy food to enjoy during the event!

And they even have donuts that spell out Give Joy! The theme of their Christmas Event.

Tracy, enjoying the Red Velvet Mini Cupcakes!

The TBS staff also prepared a dance number! :D

and you can still get free makeovers too!

Look who I saw during the event! It's Carissa! The one who did my makeup during the Wintertrend makeover event!

Here's us with fellow beauty bloggers, Shen, Martha, and Bambi. :D

 Jo-I, The Body Shop Ph's Marketing Director, giving a speech.

 And here are the sisters with Issa and Danica

 and me with Jo-I. :)

The event was short but fun! Thanks The Body Shop PH for the invite!!

 And back home I get to open the Christmas Gift TBS gave me.

Items included were:
Olive Oil Dry Oil Mist (Yay! It's back!!)
Spiced Vanilla Reed Diffuser
Cranberry Joy Lip Balm
Cranberry Joy Hand Wash
And the special item they asked me before the event that I will give to my friend.
They actually gave it to me! Yayy! But I won't name what it is yet (It's still a secret!).

It was really a wonderful day for me. Art + Beauty related stuff is what I love most!
Thanks again TBS! I'm hoping for a next time! Haha! :)

Happy Holidays everyone! :)



  1. Looks like a fun event! I'm gonna avail of their free makeover tomorrow. Just for fun. Hahaha! :D

  2. Aya, it was! I hope you enjoy your makeover tomorrow! :)