Monday, October 25, 2010

Beauties from the Middle East

As mentioned previously in one of our posts, our mom joined a Holy Land Tour through Catholic Travel, where she visited Egypt, Jordan and Israel. She arrived last Saturday, and told us the experience has been tiring but altogether fulfilling!

Today, we're sharing with you some of the items she bought during her trip:

Necklaces made of Ivory Tusks
(Never seen accessories quite like these!)

Dead Sea Lotions from Sea of Spa
(Incidentally, she told us that they strolled along the mineral-filled Dead Sea. You can only last there for around 20 minutes because the salt can really sting! But when you rinse off all the mud... Your skin is SUPER smooth)

Aloe Vera Gel
(bought at an unreasonable price!)

(can we turn these into flying carpets?)

Essential Oils 
(So expensive! We were shocked she bought all these, but what the heck? At least our house smells all sorts of exotic and perfume-y)

Trace and Dawn


  1. i soo love the first necklace.. Looks so exquisite..

  2. The Sea of Spa stuff seem very interesting. And that necklace made of ivory tusks looks really nice. :D

  3. Awesome! My Grandma's going on that same tour next month. She'll be with a group of doctors :)

  4. Hi Donna! I love that too. I've never seen anything quite like it locally. Been figuring out what to wear it with. :)

    Pammy - Yeah, with all the promises of Dead Sea Salt! Holy Land/Ahava products are so expensive here pa nman. I hope they work for us.

    Kira - Gosh, sabi nga ng mom ko her tourmates are doctors/elderly. The thing is, a lot of walking daw talaga so make sure your lola packs light, especially when they transfer countries! =) I hope she'll enjoy it!


  5. i love the blue bracelet :) vintage meets modern HAHAHA!!!

  6. it's a necklace actually. thanks nadine! :) looking forward to sporting it soon.

  7. wow, I also have that sea of Spa when my MIL joined te Holy land tour too.. wala lang akong necklace hehehe..