Saturday, March 17, 2012

Shopping at 168 again!

 Hi dearies!

Liz wanted to buy new clothes for her to wear this summer. Since we are on a tight budget, we went to 168! Yayyy!

We don't regularly go there, probably around 3 times a year. But when we do, we buy a lot! 
So here's another haul post about what we bought during our trip. :D

 Cocktail rings! Dawn collects this! She has dozens right now!

Vintage necklaces! It looks good with most of our outfits! :)

False lashes in sets! It's so much cheaper there! These would be really handy with our creative makeovers!

Dawn bought this really cute pair for Php400. It doesn't feel like you're wearing any heels at all! It's so comfy! Hoping that it's very durable. *crosses fingers*

Dresses for liz

 Cardigans! (2 on top are Liz's, while the ones in the bottom are Dawn's)
We know it's summer now but we're suckers for cardigans. :P

 Not entirely sure what this is called. Skirt pants? Errr... but it's very comfy and light!

and some more leggings!

Liz used her haggling skills during that day. She's really good! Haha! Sometimes the salesladies even chase us so that we'd buy the items in our asking price. Good job, Liz! LOL

We bought quite a lot during that day. One thing we kept in mind is never to go to Divisoria during the late afternoon. It gets super crowded and the place where we usually get our ride is closed down and is filled with little stalls. We had to walk quite far. It was very tiring!!
But in the end of the day, it's all worth it! We got cute stuff in great deals! Yayyy!

Have you gone to divi/168 lately? Any awesome finds?



  1. Oooh! I was there last Thursday and found some great deals on clothes and shoes! =) I also bought Magnetic Nail Polish for cheap there! It was an awesome find since I didn't want to shell out 400++ pesos for nail polish =)

  2. True. There are things that are better to buy there than waste your money on malls or branded stuff wherein there's not much of a difference. Haven't tried any of those magnetic polishes yet. I wanna try them though! :)

  3. Oh! That amazing place! I miss going there... Hubby and I will be going there soon! ^__^