Saturday, March 31, 2012

Review: Skin Food Glam Vita Eyes #5 Blue Glam

Buona notte ladies!

I've recently been interested in recreating Lisa Eldridge's Navy Smokey Eye Look and have been looking for products that can help me achieve it. Luckily, a friend of mine showed me an eye shadow she's had for some time and I decided to borrow it, use it, and probably review it as well.

So the eye shadow she had was this Skin Food Eye Shadow. The eye shadow is in a loose powder form and is kept in a clear pot.

I am not a fan of the packaging and the form the eye shadow is in since it's prone to be a messy little thing to handle. 
Details on the bottom of the pot.

Since it's in loose powder form, it tends to fall down when you apply it, and making clean up hard. It's easier and better to use after moistening the brush a little.

Here's how it looks like when swatched on the arm. The color is good and it spreads easily, but as I said earlier, it's a messy thing to handle. So I much prefer using other eyeshadows.
I've only really used this product once and did not feel like using it again since I feel like it's a product for pro's or people with precision skills. I haven't tried a lot of skin food products, but I hope they have other eye shadows that are not in loose powder forms.

So how do you feel about loose powder shadows? Have you tried any other skin food shadows? How are they?

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  1. the color is pretty but i'd have to agree with you that the packaging does indeed seem messy! :/

  2. yeh, etude house sent me something similar, nauso ata ganyang packaging for some insane reason. and true enough i hardly use that either. yeh skin food has other pressed eye shadows, the trio's those are really nice. the quads, so so.
    their skin care is in my opinion better than their makeup

  3. i have used a loose powder eye shadow from beauty and minerals and okay naman ako sa pag-aapply.. careful lang dapat. this looks interesting but the shade isn't very friendly sa skin tone ko. hehe :P

  4. @sugar sugar - my friend also told me she hasn't used it much since she has a hard time with it.

    @kikay trekkie - I haven't tried products from skin food, other than this and a lip balm... maybe i'll go and try some this summer.

    @gellie - Buti ka pa, I'm really bad at keeping them from falling and making a big mess of my face.

  5. i haven't any skin food products, but i have used loose powder shadows from krave minerals and beauty and minerals. :) works just fine since the packaging is a lot different.

    The Pink Margarita