Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Victoria Jackson Mystic Eyes Palette

 Hi lovelies!

Yet another unnecessary purchase made by me while looking at the items for sale at GirlTalk. Haha. It has been a habit of mine to check the beauty bazaar area. I don't really mind using a pre-loved makeup as long as it is a trusted seller. 
I saw this palette and I thought it looked interesting since it already has 6 colors of eye shadows and 2 cream liners. Very handy especially when traveling (which I barely do). :P
Anyway, I got it in a good deal so I don't regret buying it. :)

Things that got me to like it more is that it has a mix of neutrals and dark shades so I can freely experiment with different looks using one palette alone. And the available cream liners are brown and black which are the colors I use the most. And this is the first time I ever get to try a Victoria Jackson Makeup.

The packaging is very simple. It's not bulky so it's easy to carry around.
 Back of the box. Here you can see the ingredients and more info regarding the palette.

 A closeup of the palette. Shadows are very warm. Just in time for summer!! ♥

 It comes with an applicator. An eye shadow brush and a smudger.

 Swatches for the eye shadows

They are a bit powdery but still pigmented. And they don't have the annoying chunks of glitters that I don't appreciate when I use my UDNYC. But quality and performance-wise, I still like UD hell-of-a-lot more. This palette can stay long on my lids as long as I have a good eye shadow primer on. Without it, the shadows only last around 3 hours before it gets to crease on my lids.

 Swatches for the Cream Liners
Left : applied in 1 stroke
Right : when smudged

The liners doesn't lasts as long as my gel liners. Even with a primer, it blends with the rest of the eye shadow after around 4-5 hours.

I also did 2 looks using this palette a few days ago:

 A warm, neutral one for an everyday look.

 and a more darker and glammed-up look.

I could do a lot more looks with this palette that's why I use it a lot nowadays.
Lasting power isn't that strong on me though. Good thing it's easy to carry around so I can get to retouch every now and then.

What do you think of the Victoria Jackson Mystic Eyes Palette?



  1. Oh, this palette seems nice! I love the glammed up look, it's so pretty <3

  2. Thanks, Natalie! It's really fun mixing up the colors in the palette. Glad you like the look! :)

  3. Too bad this isn't as impressive as it should really be..but it still looks nice! I'm glad you got a good deal for it. Hehe

  4. I haven't actually tried any Victoria Jackson palette. Actually, I kind of don't like the brand much. I've heard bad feedback from other people regarding ther customer service plus their recruitment of sales staff is hmm... medyo mapanlinlang... lol xP

  5. i got this pallet for P300 when i bought the survival kit. mas maganda pa ito kaysa sa survival kit. i just can't abide with putting in the gel/cream liners in one pallet. this will dry it out faster than they should. plus compared to Majolica, lunasol and stila, the shadows on this pallet are powdery and not as finely milled.
    i just have a horror story with victoria jackson. sabi ng sales agent nila just become a member (so parang etude house) then i could go na to their launch sa republiq din (parang etude) so gora, bili na ng survival kit to get to be a member. two weeks later sabi di na daw pwede, press at mga artista lang daw at ibang bloggers. oh tapos, di naman sila nag refund for the survival kit noh. and i think they sacked the person who was selling the kit that way. and now super bagsak na presyo nito sa sm mega near the cinema. fail ang management ni victoria jackson dito sa pinas. buti pa bobbi brown (estee lauder) dito sa pinas, dedma lang. clinique (estee lauder din) yung pilit umariba using bloggers to cheaply advertise them.
    hahaha sorry umiinit ulo ko pag nakikita ko yang victoria jackson na yan lol, maibigay na nga kay mudra :P

  6. Oh wow. I didn't know about those. I only got this online kasi. Oh well na lang. Their loss kung pangit ang marketing and customer service. Hehe. :P

  7. ah well, kahit naman cust care ng clinique, parang nag tesda lang mga taong sumasagot sa email nila. kailangan ko pa mag name drop or i-cc sa email yung marketing officer nila for my request to get anywhere. so it isn't just victoria jackson it's the cust care industry we have in the Philippines for filipinos in general, except maybe metrobank, ever since maayos sila. yep, victoria jackson, does not bring me fond memories. sayang, the shadows in the survival kit parang el cheapo and like this one, wont last more than a few hours on my lids without oxidizing so much. not great for my travel purposes. buti pa mm pallets, small/compact great pigmentation, no fall out no creasing, not powdery, so great for travel, kahit buong araw maglakad sa humid bangkok dedmakels LMAO :P

  8. wow those are very pigmented eye shadows :) i love your 2nd look ;)

  9. Marge, agree! MM eye shadows are really good! I only have 1 for now but it's actually one of my most used shadows for everyday makeup!

    Hazel, Thanks! :)

  10. this is such a nice looking palette! :) the colors are all wearable. thanks for the review, dear.