Saturday, March 03, 2012

Peachy Pink Sisters has a Facebook Page now!

Hey lovelies!

The Peachy Pink Sisters blog finally has a Facebook Page!

I wasn't really planning on making one because I was busy with school and too lazy to manage another page but now that my thesis is done and we are nearing 500 readers, why not make one, right?

 We will be posting here more updates about me and Liz and our other shenanigans. hahaha. :P

 I only made the page today so it's still kinda empty.

I also posted a like button at the left sidebar of the blog too! :)

In an unrelated note...

So this week, I've been obsessing with BigBang's new song, Bad Boy.
*BigBang's songs are the only Korean songs I listen to... and a few 2ne1 too. :P

Here's a link of the video. :P

 KevJumba even tweeted about this. TeeHee. :P

And since I'm talking about BigBang, I'll be posting my first attempt on drawing my crush from the said group, TOP! ♥

I hope I did justice to his hotness. Haha! Anyway, I did this in a few hours.

And here are more pencil drawings I've done recently. All of these were done in less than 2 hours while I wait for some people. Haha. :P

So that's about it!

Hope you like my little drawings. And like our Facebook Page! Haha!



  1. Liking your Facebook page! :)

    And omo, TOP is <3! I like Blue better than Bad Boy, though. I've been LSS-ing on it for a week already, lol.

    Do you have their Alive album already? :)

  2. OMG! I'm LSS-ing on both songs too! I have them on repeat! Haha! TOP really is ♥! :)

  3. Wow, I love your drawings...they look amazing!

  4. LOVE THE SKETches! liked FB page too babe!

  5. YOU ARE WAAAAY TOO TALENTED. <3 And TOP is just.. UNF <3

  6. DAWN! download the Alive album na! :) and draw the other 4 for me. :) hahah! :) Baby Panda with his sexy dance. <3 hihih!

  7. Thanks, Nettie!

    Liz, I did na. I'll try to do the other 4 after I do all the pending drawing requests I have. Haha! So many people want me to draw them it's insane! I have to charge higher na! :P