Sunday, March 04, 2012

Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush in 67 Rose Tourbillon

Hey guys!

Before my sis left for Australia, she bought a few more makeup to bring with her. 
One of those is this...

Chanel Joues Poudre Powder Blush in 67 Rose Tourbillon

Between the two of us, she wears pink more. She's been wanting to buy this for weeks before she finally decided to get it. And she was so glad she did.
Before she left, I asked to take pictures to share the swatches to all of you. ♥

Here's the box and the product.
It's Chanel so it still looks very classy as ever. 

 *The product is also available in 15 shades!

More information on the product:
Eeeep at the price! Hahaha!

It includes a little brush. I still prefer my own blush brush when I apply this but this brush is softer than most of the brushes that come along with a blush product.

Here's a closeup of the blush.
A very light, warm pink shade.
It has the signature rose scent of Chanel.

Swatch on my arm
The shade is a very soft pink with very minimal shimmer.
The texture of the powder is very fine and lasts a decent amount of time on our oily skin.

Here's a before and after shot of my sis' cheeks. The left pic is without the blush and the right is with blush.
 The finish is very subtle and gives your skin a soft pink glow.

If you're interested to check out more reviews about Chanel Joues Poudre Powder Blush in 67 Rose Tourbillon, here's a link about it on MakeupAlley.



  1. I don't own any Chanel makeup products yet. I was thinking of owning one then I saw the price and I said... NM... LOL :P

  2. Gellie - All the chanel products I featured are my sister's! Haha! I only have 1 lipstick and a lipgloss which were also given by my sis! I don't have the financial ability to buy some for my own... yet. Hopefully when I get a job na! Good thing graduation is a few weeks away. Time to job hunt! Haha! :P

  3. I'm too dark to wear blush :(

  4. Aww... I'm sure there's a shade somewhere waiting for you to discover! :)

  5. such a pretty rosey shade ;-)

  6. oh nice!!! i love the pinkness of it!

  7. This is so pretty! I just can't afford that much for a blush though. I'm not spending that much. :(

  8. I hear ya, Chrissy! I can't afford that as well. Ang yaman ng ate ko! Hahaha!

  9. it looks so pretty on your cheeks dear! i have yet to try chanel blushes. :)