Monday, March 05, 2012

The Color Workshop Eye Shadow Palette

Good day ladies,

My barkada in school, Algene, was kind enough to let us borrow some one of the new make-up palettes which her relatives gift her. She's not yet a fan of putting them on by herself and would rather that we do that for her. :) So I'd just like to thank her for letting us use this. 

So I have not really used this palette yet, since I had my wisdom tooth extracted 2 weeks ago and could not go anywhere because of my swollen face.
 It's a pretty little thing. Looks a lot like an Ipod Touch and is really easy to take with you when traveling. 

 Here's the swatch for this palette.

A little comment though, Dawn said the pigments aren't satisfactory and that there are other products which are more pigmented and easier to find. 

I, on the other hand, have mixed feeling on the colors in the palette. I think some of the metallic colors are good enough. They're not heavily pigmented but they're good enough for a light day make-up look. I guess... Although the neutrals and nudes are a big disappointment as they don't color... AT ALL.

We were doing swatches and we had to scrape the color off just to get it onto my arm. Well as you can see, it did not help.

But it really looks neat though.

Here's some additional info about the product.

So that's it for now, I'll make a follow up post for this. Hopefully a FOTD using this product sometime this weekend, cause I just got my stitches off today (yay!) and the swelling had already disappeared so I can finally get some make-up done.

Plus it's hell week - a.k.a completion week - and I need war paint. I wonder what would be a nice look... As my classmate says, go to school pretty, at least, if you fail, you fail looking fabulous.

So until then...

Oh! And btw, we just shipped the prize for the winner of our new year giveaway! Hope you like them, Cat! :)



  1. Yeah it looked like ipod touch :P sucks that the neutrals were a big disappointment though!

    HAHA to what your friend said --> "go to school pretty, at least, if you fail, you fail looking fabulous" :P TRUUE :)

    ps, hope you can join my ongoing blog giveaway :)

  2. When I first saw this on eBay, it looked really cute but I had doubts about its quality especially its pigmentation. And for you to scrape some product off and still not getting a lot of colour pay off speaks a lot about the quality. Still, I think it'll look nice on your dresser or traincase. :D

  3. Aww that's too bad. I loved pa naman that it looks like an iPod touch! :p Congrats to Cat for winning btw!

  4. I completely understand how you feel about having to scrape product off! I've had to do that too, because some of my previous eyeshadows were pretty much like that! They were the ones from colour collection or something like that. I could not get them to show up at all! Gawsh!

    I'm not looking forward to getting my wisdom teeth extracted >.>

  5. Hazel - I joined your giveaway! :P

    This product's packaging is really cute but the quality is not nice. I'd rather use local products like Ever Bilena. :P
    This is Dawn btw. :P

  6. @hazel - we usually try to make ourselves really pretty during exams. sometimes, it helps give us that coveted passing mark. :)

    @pammy and wonder woman - at least we had fun using it to trick people into thinking it was an Ipod.

    @chriselle - I'm thankful all of them are off na. Not all wisdom tooth needs to be extracted naman... Dawn's errupted perfectly so she did not need to get them out. I was so envious. :) anyway, hope yours are like hers.

  7. Hi Liz! :) This does look like an iPhone! Haha Looking forward to see you use them on FOTDs! :)))

  8. @aya - thanks, still thinking of what to make for that day... hope I find a good one.