Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Mommy Dearest

Today is my mommy's birthday!

I was supposed to put an FOTD post today but I was quite busy doing this...

 My mom's portrait!

I thought I'd make a sketch of her as a gift for her birthday. She kept on asking before when I can make her one but I just can't do it then because of all the school work and thesis.

But since it is her special day today, I did it at last! It was a kind of rushed. I will still have to edit it to soften the edges and blend it more.

We celebrated her birthday with a dinner at The Fort.

We ate at the restaurant called Duo.
 I was, of course, with my mom (in red), her sister, Tita Cora, and my super poging brother. :P

I really liked the food I ordered, especially the Fillet Mignon and Panna Cotta! Yummmm!

Since my mom just came from a busy day from the clinic in our province, we didn't stay long. We just went to Cupcakes by Sonja to buy some yummy cupcakes for takeout. :P

So I will be ending my post with this picture of my favorite cupcake, the classic Vanilla Sunshine. I will be eating this right after I click the publish button. Rawr. It will probably be all consumed by the time you read this. Haha!



  1. Wow, you have such a talent!! ♥ I love to draw and to paint as well. You can see it in my 'Creative'-tag on my blog (:
    Wow, I bet she was soooo happy! And the cupcake looks delicious. It's weekend so we can eat it, right? (;

    I'm happy that I could help you a little bit! Keep me updated ♥

  2. Gellie - will tell her! ♥

    Natalie - it is! And today is a birthday celebration so I guess I can eat a cupcake! I will update you about my progress! ♥

  3. happy birthday to your mom! :) you are so talented dawn! <3

  4. That's very talented of you! Lucky is your mom that she has someone to sketch her a portrait that beautiful. As in gayang-gaya mo sya.

    Happy birthday to your mom dear! :D

  5. Pink MagaLine - Thank you so much! :D

  6. Owww~ njom njom! I never ever ate a cupcake!! Can you believe that? It's not that popular here in Germany but you can buy 3 different (and unbelievably small) at McCafé. I wanna try them out.

    Wow, thank you so much! I tried to get to university with a few of my pictures (15 I think, maybe 17) but they didn't take me. I get my portfolio soon and then I will upload these pictures here on my blog. :D The ones that are here on the blog aren't that good.
    I couldn't live without art.

  7. happy birthday tita PPS! sweet portrait:)

  8. Happy Birthday to your mom! That is such a nice gift! You are very talented :)

  9. Happy Birthday to your momma! I'm sure that she totally loves your gift. :)

  10. happy birthday to your mom.. wish her a happy and awesome year!

  11. how much pag magppgwa??super interested!:)

  12. My mom said Thanks to all the greetings. :)

    Gie - really? It depends kasi on how big and what kind yung gagawin. :P