Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Of Full Bangs, Thesis, and My First Time Winning a Giveaway!

 Hey guys!

Just sharing some awesome things that have happened to me recently. :)

I'm sporting full bangs now!
It's been a while... and I mean a LOOOOONG while since I last had full bangs. The last time I had full bangs was when I was in 3rd grade! 
I've thought it wouldn't look good on me since I think my forehead is too short, but guess what?
I think it looks cute on me!
Just look at this pictures I took earlier with my friends, Anna and Vireza, in our Mac room in school. We didn't have a class... we just needed to pass some requirements so it's OK to do some camwhoring! :P

 Liz sometimes choose to not look at me since I look like those porcelain dolls with the full bangs and permed hair (She finds porcelain dolls scary) . Haha! I plan on doing a creative shoot as a doll soon. LOL

And as I was leaving our school building, I saw this post at the Dean's office.
It's the list of the people with outstanding thesis works!

 And my name is in it!!!!!!!!!! 
Those sleepless nights were not in vain! ♥

 And lastly, 
My sis is very lucky with blog giveaways... I, on the other hand, kept joining and sending entries but always ended up disappointed... BUT NOT ANYMORE!

I got these awesome gift certificates from Sumi of The Purple Doll!
It's from her Birthday Giveaway!
Prizes I got are as follows:
  • (1) 1000-peso worth Dillinger's 1903 Voucher (Greenbelt 3, Makati)
  • (2) 160-peso worth or double scoop Gelatissimo Gift Certificate (Valid at Level 4 Trinoma, Serendra, The Terraces at Ayala Center Cebu, SM Northwing Cebu and SM City Cebu

So excited to try these places out! Haven't been going out because of my thesis so it's time to reward myself and indulge in these!

*Thank you very much, Sumi! I truly appreciate this! More power to you and your blog!

So that's it for all the good things that came during the past few days.
This week is our finals week (more exams and deadlines) but after a few more days, I will be marching to get my diploma!
Everything is so overwhelming! I like it! ♥



  1. Congratulations! Best thesis, galeeeng!

    What a coincidence, just last weekend, I was talking to my quasi-sister-in-law about thesis deliberation sa CFAD. She's a thesis coach(?), I don't know what you call them.

  2. Thanks! Really? Is she an adviser or one of the people in the jury? Grabe! The whole thesis experience was a roller-coaster ride for me... And I dont like roller coasters! Glad I survived it and conquered! Yeeeaaah! hahaha!

  3. Probably adviser, she might be one of your professors. :P

  4. Oh cool! She probably is! Haha! Already got me guessing! :P

  5. Congratulations Dawn! And wow, full bangs! I tried those out for a short period in 2011..or was it 2010. With my curly hair it just became to much of a nuisance having to straighten them all the time so I just let them grow out! haha. :S

  6. Thanks, Chrissy! sorry to hear about your full bangs experience. I know someone with the same experience. It's too bad since she really looks good with full bangs. I guess I'm lucky that mine don't need ironing.

  7. wow!
    lotsa good things,sweetie
    you totally deserve them.

    i think the bangs suit you.
    i tried sporting it too but it just isn't for me since my hair is curly.
    it just curls up as soon as it dries & i always end up looking like a sheep!

  8. Aww thanks! I'm very lucky the bangs turned out right. I just had this wild idea to get full bangs and did a hasty decision. Haha. When I heard the scissors' snapping off a part of my hair, I got really nervous! Thank goodness it turned out well!

  9. cute bangs! congrats on your thesis :) we're such lucky girls, I won din sa giveaway ni Sumi. hehehe

  10. Thanks, Kath! You won too? That's awesome!! :D

  11. wow! I'm happy for you, congrats on the best thesis... and congrats on winning your first giveaway!

  12. Congratulations! you look pretty with your bangs :)

  13. Congrats on winning a giveaway and for your thesis! I love your hair! I've been sporting side-swept bangs then full bangs and whatever style I can come up with. Haha! It's so nice to see you experimenting on your look. Can't wait for your doll-look photos! :)

  14. congratulations dear! i think your fringe looks really cute! :)

  15. CONGRATS both on the giveaway and the outstanding thesis!! :) Love your full bangs too :)