Thursday, March 01, 2018

Nichido Final Powder in Creamy Glow (I'm a New Fan!)

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I'm a fan of loose powders. I like a bit of pigment because I do the baking technique to achieve a "glow" whenever I put on my makeup. One of the powders I use for baking is the Ben Nye Banana Powder. I've used bottles of that powder and although I'm satisfied with the product's performance, I'm willing to try ones from different brands.

I've been seeing really good reviews of this product from Nichido, but I keep forgetting to buy one whenever I go to a mall until a couple of months ago...

Nichido Final Powder in Creamy Glow

I bought this 25g tub for only PhP 150.00!

Here's the product details:

First of all, I LOVE its price. Haha! This is the most affordable powder I've ever bought! 

The packaging is simple. It's a twist-cap tub and it's clear to see the shade you have. The cap is black that bears the brand's logo.

This is not literally a translucent powder if you talk about its finish. It has very minimal coverage, almost unnoticeable, until you build it up a.k.a. bake it. I usually apply a lot under my eyes and the side of my nose and let the powder sit there for a few minutes then brush it off. It creates a beautiful glow! As the product says, it's a "final powder" and it is meant to be put on on top of your foundation and concealer, although this comes first before my blush and highlighter.

It's equipped with a puff. It's not as soft as most puffs I own, but I rarely use those anyway. I apply this using makeup brushes.

I like Creamy Glow's warm tone. It's not as warm as Ben Nye's Banana Powder, but I actually feel like the Banana one is getting too yellowish for me as my skin got lighter during the holiday season because I rarely went out of the house. 

The first thing I noticed when I opened this product—the scent. It has a strong baby powder scent. I don't have problems with that although there are people who do not like strong scents on their face product.

When I swatched this, I was impressed! No wonder this was called the dupe to Laura Mercier's Loose Powder! It's silky soft! Woah! When I have this on, my face feels so smooth!

It works great when I bake and even lessens the appearance of the size of my pores. It gives my face a beautiful, glowing finish. And that's not the best part... it controls oil very well! My face starts to get shiny in 4 hours but in a way like my face just looks dewy. That's a long time compared to other finishing powders I've used, including those that claim to control oil. I'm really amazed by this part the most!

So... what can I say? It's affordable, silky soft, great for baking, controls oil, easily found in leading department stores, and did I say that it's super affordable??? I'm now a fan!

Have you tried the Nichido Final Powder yet???


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