Monday, September 04, 2017

Review : The Saem Cover Perfection Pot Concealer

Hey gorgeous!

Lately I've been having breakouts around the jaw area. I believe it's the hair oil I was using so I stopped using it and I think the breakouts have lessened. My problem now are the scars they left behind (sometimes I can't help myself and popped some of them... sorry). That's where my concealers come into the picture.

I have a different concealer for my under eyes and for my scars. The one for the under eyes are usually in creamy-liquid form, thinner consistency, usually a little lighter in shade, and lightweight. The one for the scars have medium-heavy coverage and has a thicker consistency.

One of the concealers I bought for the purpose of hiding my pimples and scars is the...

The Saem Cover Perfection Pot Concealer

I bought it from Althea for PhP180.00. It's originally priced at PhP 400.00.

The shade I have is the lighter of the two shades available. No. 01 is Clear Beige, No. 02 is Lychee Beige.

Info from The Saem website:

Reading the product description, it sounds like my dream concealer for my pimple and scarring issues. It says everything that I look for in a concealer!

Being that it is a pot concealer, I have a feeling that it's thicker in consistency, which I usually associate to better coverage. It's housed in a clear, plastic pot that makes the packaging look simple and clean. The cap is black that adds class to the overall look of the product. You can use a clean brush to get the product out so it's more hygienic. I put some product on the brush then apply on the area I want to cover and blend it by dabbing my fingers.

Here's the swatch. I'm surprised that it's creamier than what I first imagined but still thick. At first swipe, you can see how pigmented the concealer is. It glides smoothly too.

Here's how it performs...

1. as under eye concealer:

Bare under eyes

With the product

The shade is lighter than my skin. I think the No. 02 fits my skin tone better. But I think a brighter under eye looks good. Anyway, as you can see, the concealer is too thick that the lines around my eyes look more visible than I would have liked. It did, however, cover the dark circles easily.

2. As concealer for acne scar

That's a pimple scar at the middle

With the product

I was really hoping this would be a good concealer for my zits. Unfortunately, as seen on the photo, it looks patchy at the area that has dry bits. It makes dry areas more obvious. It also has a matte finish which I would normally like but I find it too matte that it doesn't look natural anymore. Plus, the coverage is medium to heavy, but when I layer the product to get more coverage, it cakes easily, even with primer and setting spray.

To summarize:

What I LIKE:
-Locally available via Althea PH
- Affordable at PhP 180.00
- Simple and classy packaging
- Medium to heavy coverage
- Glides easily on skin

- Too matte that it looks so unnatural
- Cakes easily when layered
- Only available in two shades
- Makes dry patches and lines more visible

Honestly, I'm disappointed because I had high hopes  since the brand's other concealer (the liquid type with the wand applicator) had good reviews. I still bought this because what it promised were more suitable for my skin issues and because it was on sale. Too bad it didn't perform as much as I wanted to. Oh well.

And that's my review. I hope that was helpful!



  1. Aww I think super moisturized dapat skin or oily? But then I don't think it'll last haha. Or it's just not made for our weather :))

    1. I do have oily skin and I never skip with my moisturizers. I think it just doesn't work well when you build it up.