Monday, March 26, 2012

NOTD - Summer Flowers

Good evening ladies,

Since it's my last weeks in school, I can now grow my nails and put nail polish on them without worries. And I've been dying to try the Revlon polish that I found in my mom's possessions.

Here's the nail polish on my hand.

It's a shimmery light blue color and the shade's name is Blue Lagoon.

 Unfortunately the color by itself does not look good on my hand so Dawn decided to spruce it up. Since it's summer, she decided to draw flowers.

Dawn drew them in with acrylic paints and they've stained on my nails for almost a week now without chipping. :)

My classmates loved the art a lot. As for me, I think it helps me calm down a little during exams whenever I see them. It's like a visual promise that summer just right around the corner and I just have to hang on a little more.

How do you like it? Does it also remind you of summer?



  1. I like this baby blue shade! And if only I could draw on my nails like that! Nice :)

  2. Ang galing ng drawing! Love it, so pretty!

  3. Thanks guys! Glad you appreciate it! :D