Wednesday, March 14, 2012

MAC Lip Pencil in Stone

Good evening ladies,

I'm sorry I haven't been posting much... (more of apologies to Dawn). Death March at school just started this week, by that I mean, 3 weeks of continuous examinations. So do excuse my lack of posts lately.

Anyway, I found something interesting in the bag of make-up that a relative of ours left for my mom. She isn't really into make-up so it's practically mine anyway :).

I found this MAC Lip Pencil in Stone and was really pleased. I just discovered the beauty of lip liners, you see. When I was younger, I remembered somebody putting a lip liner on me and ended up not liking the whole idea of putting lip liners. It was because when the lipstick wore off, the liner stayed, and I felt like I looked weird. 

But lately I am just loving them. More of cause I watch Lisa Eldridge put them on and they just make all the difference, especially for thin, ill-defined lips.

Here's details of the product:


                It looks grayish here but I think in the actual product it looks grayish brown.

Here's when applied on the arm. It glides really easily and pigment is strong too.

Dawn does not like the color though, cause it's dark when applied. It represents it's name, STONE.

I like it though, I guess it's cause my lips are a bit dark because I don't hydrate myself as often as I should (which is bad) so they're dark... but not smoker dark (I don't smoke). It also blends well with the lip stick color that I use on top of it. Plus it does not leave me with an ugly weird line once the lipstick fades.

For a more detailed review, visit this link of it's review at

Anyway, just wanted to share this with you girls. I do want to buy more lip liners, especially the ones Lisa Eldridge designed. Whenever I see her using them, I just wanna buy them because they look so pretty. But I can't buy them here, and MAC is just too expensive for me.

How about you girls? Do you have any favorite lip liners? Any good finds out there? If you do have any, do share with me. :)

That's it for now. Hope I pass my exams ^_^.



  1. Parang it's not fit for the lips. Hehe :P

  2. My thoughts exactly! Except if you use like black lipsticks and such or you really have uber dark lips? -Dawn

  3. @gellie - I just used it once cause Dawn bought me a nude one sa SM. And I do prefer the nude one over this.

  4. Good luck on your exam Liz! It looks too dark for the lips, I prefer a nude one too! :)... I don't know what brand of lip liner is good ... I usually end up buying those which dry out my lips :(

  5. It doesn't look much like a lip liner to me o.0 Unless paired with dark lippies. :)

  6. I really should get into using lip liners! I'm lippy noob and only started wearing them recently. Do you think lip liners really make a difference?

  7. the color seems a bit too strong for my liking but it suits the name stone haha. :)

  8. @issa - thanks! i'm currently surviving the onslaught. :) Dawn bought me one from LA Colors, so far it's been good.

    @chriselle and sugar sugar - it really seems more suited as an eye liner. I tried applying it really lightly and it kind of worked... at least no one in class noticed and commented that it looked weird. I can't say for sure since I'm a bit of a noob at it too. :)

    Chococcuro - it defines the lips more... if you're planning on using one, get a nude colored one cause it usually just blends in with any color lip stick you use. try it for yourself and tell me if you've noticed any difference. :)