Wednesday, March 07, 2012

NOTD: Fruit Ninja!

 Hey girls!

2 days ago, my friend, Abby, bought some nail accessories she bought from 168.
The accessories were small fruits all looking bright and fresh!

Unfortunately for me, my nails still have nail polish on... so I looked for someone to try out these cute fruits on!
My victim and the owner of the gorgeous hands on the pictures is Vireza! :P

 Some of you might be familiar with her pretty face because she has been my model in some of my makeovers from before. And an upcoming post featuring her as my model soon! She will be a geisha - inspired from my thesis! :)

Anyway, back on the nails... we didn't have the glue for the accessories so we applied them while the polish weren't dry yet. It worked but we had to coat it several times so they wouldn't fall off.

  Here are close-up shots! My favorite were the dragonfruits and strawberries! :P

If you're curious about the title, besides the accessories being fruits, Vireza is actually our "Fruit Ninja Master." She got us hooked with fruit ninja that there was a time that I stayed up all night trying to beat her score. I never did. Haha! She's so good at the game both on her iPhone and Facebook!

Nail polishes used:
Bobbi Nail Polish (I wasn't able to check the exact shade... I will get back on you regarding this)
Caronia Colorless nail polish

How do you find the fruits on her nails?
Do you think they are cute as well?



  1. Shoutout to Vireza! She's so pretty! :D

  2. love her nails! perfect for the weather we're having right now haha! :)

  3. Buti na lang she's nowhere near me. Feeling ko makakagat ko yung daliri nya.

  4. Thanks for the comments! I feel like going to 168 to buy more of these fruits!! Haha!

  5. Fimo nails! Dunno how to use 'em... lol

  6. CUUUTEE!!! i suck at playing fruit ninja! HAHA :P