Saturday, March 24, 2012

MAC Hello Kitty Too Dolly Eye Shadow Palette and UST Baccalaureate Mass 2012

 Hi dears!

Today's post is a swatch post of a palette I used yesterday for our Baccalaureate Mass.
Our college's color is maroon and green, the colors present in the MAC Hello Kitty Too Dolly palette which I currently have.

I'm proud of my college that's why I think it's a nice idea to use the colors of our college for my EOTD. :)

I already did an FOTD with this palette. If you'd like to see how I wear this with the rest of my makeup, click here.

Here are the colors in the palette:
 (from left to right)
 | Yogurt | Romping | Too Dolly | Stately Black |

 The back of the container:
 And finally,
the swatches:

 Here's how I usually wear the palette.
 I use all 4 of the eye shadows. :)

So there you have it. I really love the palette cuz it's just so girly and the shine is pearl-like. Different from the matte or shimmery eye shadows I have.

Oh, and our baccalaureate mass yesterday was so memorable. I've been in a student in UST for 17 years now... yes, since I was in preschool. I've been going to UST longer than I have lived in our current house. Haha! And I am literally a Thomasian since birth (I was born in the UST Hospital). Yesterday was very emotional for me since I have to bid farewell to my second home. I even joked that I won't be leaving yet because I will take my MA soon! But who knows? Maybe I will someday, right? Haha! 

I managed to get some snapshots:

 My classmates waiting for the program to start. Anna at the middle looking busy with her cam.

 A shot of my friends. Look at their uniforms filled with dedications!

 And of course, a pyromusical display!
I so love the music selection chosen for this! I was teary-eyed during the "You'll be in my Heart" song. I love that song so much!

Lastly, we get to walk under the historical Arch of the Centuries... but this time, facing España. It's something very symbolic to every graduating student from UST. The shot above was taken while we wait to cross the arch. I wasn't able to snap a pic while we were near since we ran our way through it. Excited much? Haha!

Oh how time flies. On Monday will be my graduation! I'm too excited I can't sleep! Haha!



  1. Congrats, Dawn!
    UST should give you an award for being loyal all these years! :)

    Love the EOTD, by the way. Cheers! :D

  2. Oh but they did! I have the rare Loyalty Award - GOLD. haha! Meaning I've spent my elementary - college there. Silver for those who came only during high school Haha. Thanks! :)

  3. I wonder why I didn't ever go through the arch of the centuries.

  4. Rae - really? not even during the freshman walk?

  5. Graduation. Parang I feel like I missed mine though I'm there. After the graduation ceremony kasi nahimatay mom ko. Hehe. So my dad and I had to rush her to the clinic and I was there lang. No pictures with classmates tuloy after the grad ceremony. But my HS grad was the best experience ever. Umiyak talaga ako. Hahaha! Anyway, congrats Dawn! Sorry for posting a story sa comments section mo. Naalala ko lang. Hehe.

    BTW, I love your eye makeup and your palette. ENVY!!!! :P Too bad I dunno how to apply makeup pa nung graduation ko. Hehe. :P

  6. Gellie - woah. I hope it wasn't anything serious when your mom fainted. Tomorrow will be my graduation and I am very excited. I remember my HS grad too and it was memorable but we weren't crying much since the seniors had to go to school again the next day to clean up their lockers. Hahaha.

  7. I love this palette. I haven't used it for a while though >_<