Friday, December 05, 2014

Daiso Japan: Definitely My Kris Kringle Shopping Corner!

Heya guys!

Christmas is just around the corner and I bet some of you are probably having their Kris Kringle events going on. We have a weekly one in our office and we have these crazy themes for the gifts that are quite a challenge to find. Good thing there's a place like Daiso Japan to take care of our Christmas gift shoppings. 

And look how busy the store was when I attended the blogger event last week! A lot of people really do visit the store because Daiso carries so many items!!! They have stuff for the kitchen, for your electronic gadgets, for your pets, for cleaning, toiletries, makeup, stationaries, and loads more! 

But in case you haven't visited a Daiso store yet, below is a quick description of the brand from their press release.

Yes, you read that right! The products are mostly at only Php 88.00! Amazing right??? The items are so affordable that I just can't help but buy all those kawaii stuff! I really get lost in a shopping spree mode whenever I'm there. And when I get to pay, I'm always surprised that the bill isn't as high as I expected. Yay!

So how does the store look like? Here's the Robinsons Magnolia branch, the one I frequently shop at and where the blogger event was held. I've taken some pictures of some of the isles so you'll have an idea of what to see inside.

 Look at Liz thinking hard at what to get.

 I really want to get that grass man thingy (the one on the sign board). I think it looks awesome on my office table. LOL My officemate approves.

The stuff for the pets and toys for the kids

 Tupperwares and kawaii Sanrio goodies

It's funny that I forgot to take pictures of the beauty and fashion area considering that I blog about those. Haha! But there are tons of products there! I recommend you get the cotton pads, false lashes, and the scarves! They are a must for me to buy whenever I visit!

Anyway, let me tell you about the event, which I've mentioned a couple of times already that took place last week. It's a Kris Kringle event wherein we were given a task and we'll search the bigger and better Daiso Japan store within a given time.

 Here's Melanie and Bernice giving us the instructions so we can start our hunt!

Mechanics: Bloggers will have 30 minutes to go around the store and pick items that
best suits the Kris Kringle category given.

After all gifts have been chosen, an exchange of one (1) gift per category will happen
in the spirit of a Kris Kringle Christmas!

 And here were the categories given:

I surely had fun looking for the items though I had difficulty finding the last categories but I did manage to finish the hunt within 30 minutes. During that time, we didn't know that we will exchange one item for all categories, I thought it would only be one gift (haha!) and that's why most of the items I picked were personal. I took a picture of the stuff that I will give as gifts for the Kris Kringle so that you'll have an idea of what I picked and gave to my "baby" in our Kris Kringle.

For "Something Kawaii" I picked that fuzzy bear purse. I think it would look great as a bag for my toiletries during travels. The one I kept is a really kikay kitty purse.

For the "Something Reminiscent of Childhood," I gave a set of art supplies. I love to draw and paint since I was a child and this set would have made me cry for joy if it were given to me. Haha! The one I kept was a Hello Kitty Stationary because I used to collect those when I was around 9-11 years old.

For the "Something You Can Use After a Year," I gave a condiment bottle. We have one  that holds our patis and it's as old as me. I think it's just time for us to give it its well-deserved retirement, right? But the other one I picked was a picture frame that you can store memories in... But for me, I want to frame inside it one of my paintings... which is still a very dear part of my life... so I chose the frame instead of our patis bottle. Haha!

For the "Something to Pamper Yourself With," I gave a fragrance diffuser. I love it when my room smells really good. It makes me so relaxed so I always buy scented candles and diffusers. What I kept was a Curling Spray. I love my hair curly so I try to maintain the curls as long as I can since my curls are just permed. But it turns out, this is a spray for those who use curling iron... Oh well. I guess I can still use this to those who I do makeovers with that needs hair curling. :P

For the "Something That Starts with Letter 'D,'" I gave a dishwashing liquid. I actually use that as a makeup brush cleaner. It does the trick on removing those waterproof gel liner on my liner brush easily and even on my liquid foundation brushes! Plus, the dishwashing liquid doesn't cause any of my brushes to shed so this really is an affordable alternative to brush cleaners because the 1 liter bottle is only Php 88.00. What I kept on the other hand is the doggy shampoo. I have two dogs who I love so much and they need a new bottle! :P

Phew, that was a lot but I didn't stop there, I shopped for more! Haha! I'll share with you the other stuff I bought later on this post. :D

So after all bloggers were able to find their products, we were paired so we can exchange the gifts!

 Since we were paired in threes, we agreed that I will give my gifts to Kath, Kath to Jiandra, and Jiandra to me.

And the pictures above are us giving the gifts for each categories. We were able to share why we picked them and somehow got to know each other a little better which is a great way to celebrate Christmas rather than just exchanging gifts (not saying to stop giving gifts because I LOVE receiving gifts. HAHA!).

So below are the items I received from Jiandra 

She gave me the rose shower loofa for the Kawaii Category, the Pocky snack was something that reminded her of childhood, the table food cover (the pink umbrella-like thing) is something we can definitely use for more than a year, the doggie toy was something that helps pamper her because she's comfortable and happy around her pets and finally the diary which starts with the letter 'D.'

And the uber exciting part, the other products I bought:

I got some printed lap warmers because it's been so cold in the office. And I think they look so good as the background whenever I do product shoots for the blog. I also found a really cute wall clock. And of course I bought the box of cotton pads I always get. I also got a nail dryer! No need to loose your breath blowing your nails just so they dry faster. Haha! And my best discovery—instant matcha tea!!! Wooot! I love drinking matcha and they can be expensive so I was so thankful that I saw these instant once for Php 188.00 for 9-10 sachets depending on the brand you get.

Super happy with my purchases and I think that I have some products that I want to come back for... maybe I'll go again next week? Haha!

It was a fun day of shopping and gift giving. I got to know more bloggers and was able to catch up with friends. 

If you'd like to check out Daiso Japan, below is a list of their branches.

And get updates from their social networking sites:

And that's all for now, stay tuned for more Daiso Shopping hauls because I'm definitely going back for more!!! 



  1. Nagpunta kami dyan last last. Last week sa Daiso Japan Magnolia. Natuwa ako kasi andaming items na pwedeng bilhin super affordable pa! :) ang saya naman ng event na iyan! :))

    1. True! I'm glad you had a fun experience at Daiso too! :D

  2. Daiso is such a wasteland for me! I can spend hours in there quite happily! My favorite branches are the Robinsons Galleria and Glorietta 3 ones (because they are the biggest!).

    1. Haven't been to the Glorietta branch but I will visit that soon! :D

  3. Super cute I was thinking about where to get cute stuff as gifts now I remember Daiso is a great place :)