Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics and Speedy Course PH's Makeup 101 Free Workshop

Hey guys!

Last week I attended the Ellana Mineral Cosmetics and Speedy Course PH's Makeup 101 Free Workshop. It was supposed to be held last December 6 but due to the bad weather, they postponed it for another week. No worries for me since I am free during the weekends. 

Anyway, I was invited by Shane of Speedy Course PH to attend the free workshop and I accepted because I am a fan of Ellana (you can read my reviews on their products here)! What's more, the person conducting the workshop is the founder of the brand, Theresa Carbonel. I love that they do these free workshops because... well, who doesn't want to take advantage of free stuff? Especially when it's something as good as knowing the right ways on applying makeup and you also get to try the products from Ellana. I really appreciate that Ellana Mineral Cosmetics, in partnership with Speedy Course PH, created this free event for those interested in learning the do's and don'ts of makeup.

But what is Speedy Course PH? Well, here's a brief description from their Facebook Page:

SpeedyCourse is an Online Course Finder where you can search for short courses, trainings, seminars, workshops or learning events.

So do check out their FB Page and their website for more info and future seminars and workshops. If you find an event that is interesting, you can register using the SpeedyCourse Online Enrollment System just like what the attendees in the free workshop did. I'll definitely check for more makeup events! Weeeee!

Anyway, I'll share with you what happened during the Makeup 101 Workshop.

I arrived late (yikes!) due to the strong rainfall that we encountered on the way to the venue. Thankfully, I didn't miss much! They were already at the foundation part but prior to that, they discussed about skincare and primers. :)

And here's Ms. Theresa Carbonel explaining the different skin tones and the importance of wearing the right shade of foundation.

She's equipped with many of Ellana's awesome products! I was wondering what shade of their mineral foundation she'll use on her model.

Her model, by the way, is Shane! My contact from Speedy Course PH! I just love her skin! It's almost flawless!

Anyway, I can't really go into too much details on this because it's gonna be a very long post... and that's what the workshops are for. *wink* So what I will write on the post are the important details and the tips I learned during the event.

Theresa mentioned using your jawline to swatch the foundation to check if it's the right shade. I believe that's called 'streaking.' If you check the swatches on Shane's jaw below,

 you can really see the difference between the right shade and the wrong one. The shade that disappears on your skin is the right shade for you and it's important that the shade matches your neck because you want your head to look like it's attached to your body. LOL

Theresa worked on half of Shane's face first so we can see the difference. 

Awesome coverage from their mineral foundation! She didn't even use concealers!

 The eyebrows are probably the trickiest part. But she gave us quick tips on how to determine the length and the highest peak of your brows. You'll only need a makeup brush!

Theresa gave us some tips on how to apply brow liners, mascaras and eye liners easily and those are to breathe through your mouth so that your muscles are more relaxed and holding the mirror beneath you (check pic above for reference) so you can see how you're applying your liner without completely closing your eyes.

 And I just have to mentioned how awesome that heating eyelash curler is! All the ones I've tried are failures for me but that one seems really good. Theresa said that that's her fifth one and she's been using that brand for years. She buys them at Hong Kong but I forgot the brand... sorry!

 Contouring is another tricky thing but it really makes a difference in your makeup, especially if you want your face to appear smaller. The letters "E" and "C" will help. Use the letter E for the contour, while the letter C for the highlight. I've made a post regarding their contour kit and you can read it here.

 One of the crowd favorites in the workshop is the lip scrub. It exfoliates your lips for a prettier pout and it tastes great! I already have it in my stash and I'll make a review soon.

The look Theresa was doing is the everyday makeup. Something you can do everyday when you're off to school or work. This look is super easy to do and Theresa even mentioned that she can do this look in around 5 minutes! Anyway, here's a pic of Shane with half of her face all dolled-up!

 An important tip from Theresa so that you don't miss any makeup routine is to start from the top to bottom after applying the foundation. Meaning, you apply the brow part first then eyeshadow until you reach the lip area and add color.

One more tip, when applying lip color, smile! It makes application even so you don't miss the lines of your lips. :D

 Anyway, below is Shane with the rest of the makeup!

Super pretty, right?

It's a simple look that's very easy to do. And you get to learn that from the workshop! I do hope that Speedy Course PH would team up with Ellana again so that more makeup lovers like me can experience this as well. 

And thanks, by the way, for these awesome butterscotch, Shane! My brother and I enjoyed munching them! :D

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