Tuesday, December 02, 2014

TONY MOLY: Berianne Whitening Essence

Hello ladies,

This has been a long delayed post since work got super hectic. I got this earlier this year from Tony Moly and I guess most of you would have already tried this so I'll just be adding my experience to the pot.

The overall packaging looks quite clean and is quite representative of the actual lotion/essence.

It's in a pump so it's easy dispense and clean-up.

On dispense it's a white shiny lotion but once you spread it out

It turns purple to purplish pink to light pink to transparent. I am always entertained by the color change whenever I use it.

So here's what I've experienced with this product.

The Berianne Whitening Essence had become my night time moisturizer, It works well enough as a moisturizer but since I was using it at the time I had a flare of dermatitis, I'd have to say it was short of being helpful. It did not help subside the ones already out, but it did help to not make things worse.

I have never been one to notice whitening from any whitening brand... although most people have commented that I seem to have a fairer complexion and I look blooming lately even without make-up, so maybe it did add some glow to my face. But then again a picture might have been better.

Super sorry for not providing a picture of my face before and currently, I was so swamped that time that I just forgot to take one.

Anyway, hope that was helpful.


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  1. I don't care if this work or not I'd LOVE to try some more tony moly products! They are so affordable and I love the make up I've been seeing and I like how the product matches the shiney packaging! How lovely! I'm willing to give their things a try since it's affordable!