Monday, December 15, 2014

NOTD : Holiday Nails with Tony Moly's Lacquer Glitter GI08 Jingle Bell

Hey gorgeous!

My nails are ready for the holidays! Check them out!

The star of the look? It's the Tony Moly's Lacquer Glitter GI08 Jingle Bell. Even the name is so Christmas-y!

 I used the Orly Top Bottom Basecoat + Top Coat and Sei Bella polish in Peach Frost as my base.

 The colorful red, green, purple, and gold glitters are so festive while the white ones give the wintery effect. It really is themed for the Christmas season!

I think this would still look good on a differently colored nail polish base like red, yellow, silver, or even black! It's super cute and it made my nails so eye-catching. I got so many compliments with it. :D 

So what do you think of this nail polish? :)



  1. Love love the glitter top coat! This is such a fun and glitz look for a party around this time of year! Love your gold polish base!

    1. Thanks! I dub this polish my official Christmas Nail Polish for 2014!

  2. Such festive nails! I have a similar one from Tony Moly as well and it lasted for years'!

    1. I like TM's polishes because they last long!