Monday, December 29, 2014

Review: Too Faced: Chocolate Soleil Medium/Deep Matte Bronzer

Hello ladies,

Finally found time to make this post. This product has been with me for quite a long time and I haven't had the time (nor the right skin condition) to use it or make a decent post about it since Dawn came back from the States. So sorry about that. But anyway, the holidays are here and I've had a good amount of occasions to use this product.

I really like bronzers, ever since Dawn introduced them to me in college, and made me see the light of how they instantly give shape to my otherwise round, puffy cheeks. So I have been kind of bronzer crazy... I've had several of them; one from ELF (the one paired with that nice blush), another from Guerlain (which I adore), and another from Rimmel. However, I have never had one that blended naturally with my skin color, and was matte. So I was quite happy when Dawn gave me this one.

So to begin, I like how this bronzer is packaged. The black casing and the engraving of the case is quite chic. The size as well is (to me) within the medium range, by this, I mean, it's small enough and thin enough to fit in your make-up kit but not too small that you'd feel there is inadequate amount of product for use.

However, I visited Too Face's website and found that they have changed the packaging for this product and instead of the black casing, the cover is now somewhat of a mocha color. Still chic though.

I also love the BIG mirror. It makes everything so much easier especially when you're on the go.

As you can see as well, this is quite a matte bronzer. There is no shiny stuff in there, even fine ones which I see in my Guerlain matte bronzer. Also, I think this one is nearer my color than any other bronzer I've ever had.

Here it is swatched on my hand... I don't really know if you can see it... I hope you do. But anyway, it blends out really well and getting the  product from the compact to the brush and on to the skin is easy. PLUS it smells FANTASTIC.

So this is me, sans make-up and bronzer...

And here is me with the bronzer... I know the lighting is a bit biased... but you can still see how my face is thinner looking with the bronzer.

And this is how it looks from the side.

Anyway, the bronzer lasts long and is my new favorite thing. Problem is it's only available in Sephora or online and it's a little expensive. It's 30 dollars according to the website. So I'm hoping it lasts me long enough or until I can buy a replacement.



  1. The Body Shop Honey Bronzer is amazing if you're looking for affordable options :) It's matte and gives a warm glow.

  2. I hope it lasts you long, it seems 2x less than NARS Laguna (0.28 oz), still haven't made a dent on the latter.

  3. I'm glad to hear you've found some great bronzers for your complexion! I think you totally need to order sleek's contour kit (it comes with a matte bronzer and a highlight) there's 3 shades to choose from so you should consider them! I always use bronzer for contouring only I'm not keen on 'warming' up my complexion...I'm always afraid of doing too much and making my face look a bit too dark! I would love to smell this one, seriously sounds amazing!

  4. Sucks that we don't have Too Faced here in the Philippines noh? They have an amazing range of products pa naman.