Sunday, December 14, 2014

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Foaming Face Wash

Hey everyone!

Sharing my quick thoughts on this foam wash that I've been using daily for the past month...

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Foaming Face Wash

This 150ml bottle is worth Php 189.00 only.

I've blogged already about what Himalaya Herbals is all about (you can check my introductory post here) and actually, I've already used a product from the brand as early as 4 years ago—the Neem Face Mask. I've actually made a review on it before (read it here) and I still love the product until now.

Now, I got the opportunity to try more products from Himalaya Herbals and this particular one was the one that was most interesting for me when I was browsing the products that were sent to me for reviews.

But let's check the product description first before I proceed with my review...

Specially formulated to give you clear, problem-free skin, a soap-free, daily use foaming face wash that spreads smoothly over your face and removes excess oil and impurities without over-drying. Neem, well-known for its purifying and antibacterial properties, kills problem-causing bacteria. Combines with Turmeric, it helps control acne and pimples, leaving your skin, soft clear, refreshed and problem-free.

Key Ingredients:

Neem, Turmeric.

Directions for use:
Moisten the face and spread the foam gently all over, avoiding the delicate eye area. Wash off and pat dry. For best results also use Purifying Neem Scrub and Purifying Neem Mask.

This is a pump bottle which is very easy to use. When pumped, you really get a foamy textured product. There is a gel version of this too and the 100ml tube is only Php 129.00.

I'm not a fan of the scent but it's still tolerable. I didn't mind it anymore after a week of usage. You just get used to it. 

This foaming wash is very gentle for everyday use. I never experienced any drying... none at all! And this cleans the skin very well. Not only that, it removes excess oil (I have oily skin) from my skin too so my face really feels clean after washing
–like it can really breathe! 

I really do like this because it's something that's very effective that I can use everyday and it's very affordable. It's just that good! I do recommend it if you're looking for these qualities in your facial wash.

Have you tried this yet? What about the other type or the other variants?



  1. I tried this during a time when my skin was really breaking out but sadly it didn't help clear my skin. I like how it wasn't drying though, as you said!

  2. Awww. I do hope you found a good alternative to help deal with the breakouts.

  3. Looks like some of the Japanese foam facial washes!

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    1. Haven't tried any of those Japanese Facial Washes but would love to try them out! :D

  4. This sounds like it's great for oilier skin! Especially in the hot humid weather here in asia! I haven't tried much from them but I love the sound of their ingredients, too bad the smell isn't very nice!