Friday, November 01, 2013

Dazzle Deoconcealer

Hello dears,

This post is hard for me to write because it deals with an issue that I have been embarrassed about for more than a decade now—dark underarms.

You see, when I was approaching puberty, my mom made me apply rubbing alcohol on my armpits to avoid accumulating bacteria so that I won't get B.O. She was a very practical person and we weren't financially well off during those days and both my mom and I have no idea what the consequences will be. So I did what I was told which eventually led to my underarms getting darker and darker. Because of this, I don't wear sleeveless clothes nor raise my arms high. I don't even like going to resorts or beaches because I would always try to hide this problem of mine under a shirt. It's also difficult finding a nice formal dress because most of the pretty ones (at least the designs I like) exposes the underarms.

I've been trying to find the best way to whiten my underarms but still haven't found the right treatment that I can afford (suggestions are always welcome). I just started working and I guess to whiten them is one of the things I am saving up for because I'm getting tired of hiding and being embarrassed. But for now that I'm still in the process of saving up, I found this local product from Strip It's Facebook Page and got curious...

Dazzle Deoconcealer

I was decided to buy one so I PM-ed Arlette, the person behind Strip It!, and she was generous enough to send me one for free along with the big tub of the Strip It! Cold Wax I ordered.

I received a new and improved version of the concealer.
The dazzle concealers sold in the past has low content of Vit E and B3 so skin lightening wasn't included in its product features before. But the latest productions have high content already and so they're marketed to be skin lightening as well. 

"Your deodorant for special occasions! Now Enhanced with Vit E and B3 that helps lighten the skin!"
Oh it's alcohol-free! What a relief! 

The actual price of the improved formula is Php350 but I think it is sold in a discounted price of Php300 which was the original price for the old Dazzle formula. I'm not sure if this is still on-going because the promo depends on the stocks. 

Dazzle Deoconcealer
-an underarm concealer that also acts as an anti-perspirant & deodorant. It's alcohol free and has a mild scent. Great for special occasions, parties, performances and pictorials. 

Size is 10g (similar to a travel size deo)
 Available in two shades: Ivory and Baby Rose

You can check more information about the deoconcealer and their other items on their website or Facebook page.

Packaging is pretty nice. I like how portable it is and the design is very beautiful and feminine.

The shade I have is Ivory. 
The scent is really good. It made my underarms smelling fresh all day.

Consistency is harder than the usual makeup concealers we use on our faces. 
But it's quite pigmented as you can see on the swatch below:

I got this swatch in one swipe of the product only.

So the moment of truth, the pictures that took me all the courage I have to finally post online... my underarm without and with the product on...

The after picture may look sooo blurred but it's actually not (well, maybe a little bit... it's hard to take a photo of it on your own! Haha). It didn't entirely cover the darkness but it still did some major covering and the chicken skin was lessened too.

When applying it, it feels thick and it still needs to be blended on the skin. I use a sponge for that for a better effect in my opinion. Also, try not to wear clothes that are too fitted on the underarm area because there are times that I encounter the concealer transferring to the cloth. :(

For the lightening effects, I can't comment on that since I don't use it daily—just during special occasions.

So I guess that's all I can say about this product. It's a good short-term solution for my problem but someday I can find/afford one that is long-term. This deoconcealer is good but I wonder if they will have like a spray that dries on skin faster and will not easily transfer on clothing... now that would be so awesome! I also heard that they are making a new formula that is waterproof! Looking forward to that!

Anyway, just comment below your thoughts or suggestions!
Remember to use natural and mild deodorants for everyday use. :P



  1. Hi Daw, this is helpful. How about the creasing?

  2. Hi Rae! I forgot about that. I don't get much of that if you wear it for a few hours like I do. But there was a time that I used it the whole day and I experienced some sweating and there is some creasing going on but not too major. I dunno yet though about getting really sweaty since I don't usually stay out when I wear this.

  3. Aw, don't be embarrassed! I never liked how mine are darker than the rest of my arms either, I don't know how so many people have armpits that are the same color or lighter than the rest of their skin! I'm envious! Nivea liquid deo the pink and white packaging has worked for me. Other deos make my underarms dry and dark but this one really has whitened and soften the skin!

  4. Sharlynn - I'm so envious tooooo! I also like that one from Nivea. It smells good too! :D

  5. Ok na din. Like for special occasions kapag kelangan talaga mag-sleeveless na hindi naman all-night event. At least diffused yung discoloration.

  6. Where can i buy this product from??? I want it to ship to USA. Thanks!

  7. Where can I buy this product from? I want it to ship to USA. Thanks!

    1. Hello! I am not sure if they ship to the US. But you can try contacting them through their Facebook page ( :)