Friday, January 04, 2013

Tony Moly Goddess Aura BB Cream and Aura Beam

Hi guys!

For today's post, I'll give you my thoughts on...

Tony Moly Goddess Aura BB Cream and Aura Beam

I have only used it once so I can't really give a full detailed review.
I just borrowed this from my officemate for a day a couple of months back.

The BB Cream and Aura Beam are around Php 750.00 each.
I'm not loving the packaging. It looks cheap unlike most BB creams out there that have tubes that are either cute or 'sossy' looking.

Label for the BB Cream
It has a lifespan of 1 year and has 45g.
It also has SPF37 and PA++.

Label for the Aura Beam
Also has a lifespan of 1 year and contains 30g.

This is what the BB cream looks like:

I like that it is yellowish that it blends to my complexion better than some BB Creams that make my skin look greyish.
It feels silky too when spread and smells quite nice!

And this is the Aura Beam:
It's a gloss with very fine glitter.
It's the one that gives the extra glow on your skin when you apply this. It's kinda sticky too which I don't like at all.

Here are photos when I blend them:
My hand without any product

With the BB Cream alone

With the Aura Beam

It gave my hand a luminous glow, see?

And here are photos of my cheeks before and after application

Eeeek at my ugly skin. Haha.
But if you see the 'after' photo, it lessened the redness and gave my skin quite a nice glow.

The tip my officemate gave me is to mix them together. 2:1 is the ratio if I remember correctly.

It doesn't give much coverage though so I still had to use some concealer and a good powder foundie to achieve better looking skin. Haha! :P

So here are my photos after putting altogether my makeup:

I liked the glow it gave to my face that's why I decided to go with a simple look - eyeliner, cute blush and a peach lippie to create a more 'blooming' finish.

It doesn't control oil much though. So the glow that the Aura Beam gives get exaggerated with the unwanted shine my oily skin produces. I always have to blot every now and then to prevent my face to look like a disco ball. But it stayed the whole day on my face nonetheless.

Would I buy this for myself?
Probably not. Though I like the BB Cream because of the colour, consistency and that it already has SPF37, I'm still after those that has oil control and coverage.
If ever I reconsider, I won't be getting the Aura Beam. :P

Have you tried these products yet?



  1. Akala ko primer yung Aura Beam. LOL. I like the name, though. 'Aura Beam'. Beking beki ang dating. Haha! ^^

  2. Sadly the Aura Beam is only really best for people with dry skin so they can add that artificial 'shine' that they need. But I tried it myself and only used it on my cheeks so it didn't make me oilier since it's only t-zone that gets shiny :)

  3. Ang ganda syo Dawn pero siguro dapat talaga both yan i-purchase noh? parang gusto ko yung ganyang bb cream na luminous and dewy. Skin 79 pa and laneige pa lang nagbigay sa skin ko nun.

  4. Ang ganda syo Dawn pero siguro dapat talaga both yan i-purchase noh? parang gusto ko yung ganyang bb cream na luminous and dewy. Skin 79 pa and laneige pa lang nagbigay sa skin ko nun.

  5. I have the Etude House Nymph Aura and I feel like it really decreases the wear time of my bb cream when I mix it. I have the tolymoly cat's wink bb cream that I like, but it makes my skin so oily at the end of the day. >_< I liked triple the action or whatever, but it was too dark. I wonder if goddess will be better for me?

  6. It seems like this formulation unlike the majority is for the normal to dry skinned amongst us! I'm wondering if using a foundation powder to set it like I do with my bases would keep you matte but if thats not what you want to do its better to get a more oil controlling one. I've yet to check out tony moly! grrr! ^^

  7. Czjai - Never thought how beki it sounds pero true! It really does sound like it! Haha!

    Arian - Yup. It would do better as a high lighter for people with oily skin e. :P

    Kath- I think the BB Cream alone can stand on its own e. But the luminosity is given by the aura beam so you need it if you want to achieve the glowing, luminous skin.

  8. Anna - I'm no expert on BB Creams but the best way to know is to use trial and error method. Haha! :P

    Sharlynn - I always use powder foundations for setting but my skin is as hard to manage as always. Too oily. :P

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