Saturday, January 05, 2013

Tagaytay Trip : Ilog Maria and Antonio's Grill

 Hey everyone!

Since my sister is back here in Manila for a vacation, our family decided to go on a quick road trip to Tagaytay.

We planned to visit the Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm since my sis used to buy products from them before. Those products just smell heavenly and we can't wait to buy from them again. Afterwards, we plan to eat at a restaurant overlooking the Taal lake and volcano.

So after an hour and a half of travel from Manila (yayyy for light traffic!), we arrived at our first destination...

Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm

It wasn't difficult to get to. We just googled for instructions and asked directions from the residents. :P

We weren't able to go during the times where there is a group tour but they let us explore the area on our own. The owner's sister was there to answer some of our questions I wasn't the one asking stuff since I was busy taking the pictures. Haha. :P

There were lots of bee equipments and loads of bees flying around. It was safe to walk around as long as you are calm since the bees can sense if you are stressed.

There were also ducks, geese, cats and dogs around. It's a pleasant place to spend the time especially if you want to escape the cars, heavy traffic and pollution in the metro.

The store is filled with many products from bees.
 My sis and I went crazy looking around the beauty products!
The place just smells magnificent - sweet, floral, fruity, you name it!


From bath soaps, face scrubs and lip balms to throat sprays and massage oils, they have products that will surely give your body sweet indulgence that is rich with all natural honey!

They also have items made from beeswax!


The candles are beautifully carved.

Maybe I should have bought me some Bee Pollen. It looks really interesting, don't you think?

They also have gift sets available if you plan on giving them as presents! :)

Oh and what is also interesting about the farm is that it is solar powered.

It's so bright and colourful! So nature-friendly too!

And one of the spots that impressed us...

The comfort room!
We described it as the comfort room we might see in Rivendell (LOTR)!

We bought a few items, mostly bath products.
These smell so good that once you enter the bathroom, you'd smell the fragrance already!

If you're interested to know more about Ilog Maria and their products,
visit their 

Afterwards, LUNCH TIMEEE!!

We were supposed to eaut at Bags of Beans but the place was full so we ended up eating at Antonio's Grill.

The place looks good and they serve Filipino food which my sis misses a lot! Just look how happy she was when the foods were served!

We ordered...

Ginataang Munggo

Squid Sisig

Beef Bulalo

and not included in the pictures were Chicken Inasal, Dulce Gatas, Mango Sago and some Fried rice! For drinks, we had tea, strawberry shake and bottomless lemonade.

I'm no food blogger but for me the meal was pretty decent. The food didn't take too long and the meal was good. Not the best we've tried but we enjoyed it. Only thing we didn't like is it was hard to get the attention of the waiters. :P

Of course we wouldn't forget to take vain pics, here are samples:

Yayyy for family bonding!! 

 It was a great day. The weather was good, the flowers were nice, the view was fantastic and we enjoyed a lot!

 We look forward to our next visit. It's only around 2 hours away anyway. Haha!


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