Monday, January 07, 2013

NOTD : First Time with Caviar Nail Polish!

Hey beauties!

I guess I'm a sort of too late to try this style of nail polish.
It has been out for oh so long already and I've seen so many people trying this out but I just haven't had the opportunity to try out the popular Caviar Manicure.

But now, I can finally do! My last month's Salad Box included a mini one from Ciate (this are the best among the bunch though. I didn't like that particular box)! 

The colours they gave are quite nice too.

Colors were Ladylike Luxe and Caviar Pearls - Sundance

I applied Ladylike Luxe first so that my nails are gold and glittery and would still look nice in case the caviar pearls would fall off.

And then while the polish is still wet, I added the pearls and finally coated a clear polish and achieved this:

Cool, huh?

The blue and the gold pearls look gorgeous together!

I first thought that having little caviar pearls on my nails would be annoying but it doesn't! 
For me, at least.

Just make sure to put at least 2 layers of clear polish so that the pearls would stay put.

Most of the people I meet liked my nails. They even asked to touch it. :P

I would try more colours if it wasn't so expensive for my currently thinning wallet. 
The 13.5ml bottles (the full sized ones) of these Ciate Nail Polishes are around Php 650.00.

You can check the main website or the Ciate Philippines Facebook Page for more infos. :)

And with that I shall leave you with this very blurred picture of my nails.

I think the pearls look lovely like this.
Don't you think so as well?

Have you tried Caviar nails yet?
Did you use Ciate or a from another brand?



  1. Personally I don't find the finishing 'caviar' balls that great looking! I'm used to seeing pearls and funny add ons but it still a bit strange to me! I do love that gold polish, its so bold and a true gold shade! Thanks for reviewing though, this is a trend Im going to skip for now!

  2. Nice! I've been wanting to try caviar nails for so long :) How long did it last on your nails? :)

  3. Hi Aya! It's still on my nails til now and it's been 5 days now. There have been a few pearls that have fallen off but it's barely noticeable. :)

  4. I'd be one of the people who'd ask if I can touch it when I see you with those nails :) Always been so curious to know how caviar nails feel like. 5 days hold is a good indication of how strong they are, usually my nail polish no matter how good my top coat is has chips na by the third day. So Ciate is really hyped for something :) Thanks for sharing this sisters!

  5. I've seen that around, but just can't get myself to buy it. I feel like makes my nails look like a mess... hehe

  6. Oh wow, it does last long ^_^ It's really cute but I think I'd like bubble gum colors XD hihi!