Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pinkie Swear Haul

Hi everyone!

A few days ago, I was in Cebu for the Sinulog with my sister and friends.
Before heading back to Manila, we had lunch at Ayala Center, Cebu and I did a few window shoppings that led to a few purchases. :P

So while I was browsing stuff at Watsons, I saw this pink stall with all the pink packaging and thought that it was cute. I interviewed the SA and found out that the brand is called Pinkie Swear Collection or Pinkies Collection and it is a sister company of James Cooper Makeup.

The products are very affordable! Cheaper than James Cooper. The packaging of the products is a mixture of pink and black. Most of the cases look a lot like MAC's but of cheaper quality. Though it is really a good buy considering the price.

I bought their bestseller, the makeup base. I have quite a number of makeup bases/primers already but the flavour, Milk, sold it for me.
I also bought a matte lipstick, shade is Champagne Bubble and a cute eyeshadow in Salmon. The SA even gave me a free eyeshadow case and eco bag! Yayyy!
Will make reviews on this so hope you wait for them! :D

I also bought a few more items because the SA's there are soooooo nice and accommodating.

4U2 DFY9 Liquid Eyeliner
4U2 Glitz Shimmer Mascara in Brown
and I also got a free sample of 4U2 Posh 2 Way Foundation! Yayyy!

And finally bought 4 Watsons Mini Wet Wipes 
Glam Works Hand Cream in Sweet Berries which are in a promo! Buy 1 Take 1! Oh yeah!

When I left Watsons, I also bought some 'pasalubong' for my friends here in Manila. I wasn't able to take pictures though. Oh well! :P

That's all!
I really enjoyed the week long vacation I spent in Cebu and Bohol. Definitely hoping for a next time!



  1. Bakit sa Manila madamot yung mosts SAs! Hahaha! Gusto ko na mag shopping jan sa Cebu, dami freebies! :)

  2. Haha, so much nice stuff! I got myself a few nice things this month too! Slowly using though so I must slow down! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Enjoy magshopping pag mabait yung SA. Hahahaha Nice haul! I recently bought Pinkies eyeshadows din. So affordable <3

  4. Great haul! Can't wait for your review on Pinkie's make up base as I'm currently on the hunt for an affordable one! xx

  5. nakakatuwa naman mga SA dun. anyway, saw pinkie swear at mall of asia department store. ang mura ng eyeshadow nila compared sa james cooper. will be looking forward to your review of the primer.

  6. i love it when SAs are accommodating and know what they are selling.. yung iba kasi walang alam kung ano nagagawa ng produkto nila :-/

    anyway, nice haul, dawn!

    xx Dress Me Up Buttercup

  7. When the SAs are accommodating and "maboka", it's always fun to shop at mapapagastos talaga! Haha! Love the haul! That Pinkie Swear makeup base caught my attention. I'll wait for your review. :)

  8. Hello!

    Nice Haul! I'm from Cebu and I'm glad to know you enjoyed your stay and the Sinulog festival. I'm a new follower and I'd love it if you followed back :D