Thursday, January 31, 2013

Review : Tony Moly Aqua Aura Serum

Hello everyone!

Moisturizing our skin is a MUST!
I keep telling myself that since I tend to forget to use my moisturizer daily (I try my best not to). Even if I have oily skin, it's still important for me to moisturize, I just have to find the product that works best for my skin.
Now, whenever I do my sideline of doing someone's makeup, I also tell my client to use moisturizer especially if his/her skin is really dry.

So anyway, right now, I use this product which I shall be posting a review about. I apply this every night and I'm really happy that this was given to me last month during the Tony Moly ATC Opening Event.

Tony Moly Aqua Aura Serum

A bottle is 50ml and is worth Php 798.00.
It is a water based moisturizer.

For more product details, here's a description from the website:

Long-lasting serum giving skin radiance as ions drink water

Fill up your skin moisture with powerful serum Prevent the formation to not be lost moisture in the skin Help absorb and circulate serum as a function of Ionized water oxygen and moisture in the skin Gives a natural glow to the skin moisture 5Free -- Paraben, Mineral oil, Fragrances (Natural Flavors added) , Benzophenon, TEA

By pumping 1-2 times, following skin texture and pat evenly to get absorbed.

Errr... I think the website needs more improvement with the labels... Haha!

It is housed in a cute sky blue box that contains labels with product descriptions, precautionary advices, Directions of use, and list of ingredients.
At least the box has better grammar. :P

The bottle is really pretty too!
It's quite heavy though so it's not something that I would bring in my bag. But I wouldn't bring a 50ml bottle anyway. :P

At the back of the bottle has more Korean characters which I can't read. 
But it says the weight, and the lifespan of the product which is for a year.

It is in a pump bottle which I like because it's easy to get the product out.
What worries me is when I use up most of the product and there would be no way of getting the product left in the sides of the bottle. :P

Here's what the product looks like when pumped out.

It's milky white and somewhat thick in consistency. Smells nice - I can't pinpoint what scent exactly but it's not strong enough to be annoying. :P
When you apply it on the face, it's so light and spreads easily. It feels like you're just spreading water all over your face. No sticky feeling! The product gets absorbed by the skin quickly too.

It leaves my skin feeling soft even 'til I wake up.
It doesn't irritate my skin nor give me breakouts too.
But I don't use it in the morning. Since it is a serum, it is more concentrated compared with emulsions. It can still get my face oily even if it is water based, especially when I have my makeup on.

Really moisturizing
Feels light on skin. No stickiness.
Gets absorbed quickly by the skin
No irritation nor breakouts
lovely packaging
Locally available
Kind of affordable

None so far

Would I buy again?

Probably, but like most of the products I review, I'm still willing to try out other products so it may take a while for me to buy the same product.

So, have you tried the Tony Moly Aqua Aura Serum yet?
How about the other items in the Aqua Aura line?



  1. Haven't tried this yet, but it seems nice! I still want that one expensive overall serum from Khiels to be honest, haha.

    I use Nivea Creme, the one in the blue tin can, every night before bed and it's helped my skin so much in terms of beating dryness. I can't go to bed without putting it on!

  2. Sounds like a good moisturizing and light weight product that would work with oilier skin! I've yet to try tony moly products but I know they're in singapore! I must check them out! Thanks for sharing! ^^

  3. my skin peels off or gets flakes coz it becomes really dry from the cold and windy autumn.i tried using some brand of moisturizer and stuff but still i get flakes every day. I dropped by tony moly shop and they introduced this aqua aura serum..ive been using this every morning before i put some make up and chanel face mask at night . they match really face has no more flakes, no breakouts And its brightened and moisturized ..:)