Monday, January 14, 2013

Review: Avon One Great Mascara

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Happy Monday! Hope you all started your week right. :)

I've started exploring makeup from other brands lately. I guess I just wanted to know what else is out there than just settle with my tried and tested ones. Besides, I could always go back to the usual when I miss them again. I believe in giving chance to others! Haha!

Having great lashes is important to me so buying a different mascara that I haven't even read reviews about is a big step for me. Today's review is about a mascara I bought a couple of months ago that I bought because it's been hugely discounted.

Avon One Great Mascara

I think I bought it around Php 150.00 since it was included in a promo wherein I have to buy items like eyeliners and such and they'll cut the prices off by almost half. I do like Avon products and they are affordable that it wasn't hard for me at all to just buy it.

Here are the details on the box:

The packaging is very simple. Just a long, black tube and the shape is not so unique. Though it might pass out as classy.

It's called 'One GREAT' Mascara. So I kinda had high hopes for this one.

This is the wand. It's a bit large but not as big as the wands of the mascaras I have recently used (Max Factor False Lash Effect and Benefit They're Real Mascara). The bristles are soft and very close together too.

Here's a swatch of the mascara on my hand

The mascara appears to be dry. Maybe it's because of the bristles? Not entirely sure. But anyway, it's something new to me.

So on to the pictures of my lashes when applied:

Bare eyes

Lashes curled

with One coat

Two coats

Three Coats

So as you can see in the pictures, it does volumize and it barely does any clumping. It doesn't help much in lengthening though. It's a nice mascara especially if you aim to get a simple, natural finish. As for me, I usually aim for a finish that is very made up. I need to do 3 coats of this mascara wherein I only needed 1 coat of the ones I usually use. 

It is waterproof but not too hard to remove. Just have a handy eye makeup remover with you. The formula of this mascara is very light too so it doesn't pull down my lashes when I apply it. And it doesn't smudge below my eyes so I don't get the panda eyes. :)


- Affordable
- Locally available
- Waterproof
- Volumizing
- No smudging
- Barely does any clumping
- Light formula


- Packaging
- Needs multiple coats to get the finish I want

Will I buy again?
Probably not. Will explore more products first. But I recommend this to those who likes simple and natural looking lashes. :)

That's all for my review of Avon's One Great Mascara. Hope this could be of some help to some!



  1. I find the packaging cute though.. I'm really not a fan of avon.. kasi everytime nagtatry ako bumili I end up getting disappointed sa products.. Thanks for this review.. :)

    <a href='>Eyah</a>

  2. I've yet to try any avon products but I would like to try an eyeliner of face product from them as I've heard good things! This seems to be natural like the latest mascara I reviewed! Good for work and school maybe but I like much more dramatic mascaras for my weekends!

  3. Eyah - Aww... sorry to hear that the Avon products you've tried left you disappointed. Oh well. I guess there's always room for improvement! :D

    Sharlynn - I believe the ones I ilke most are their powder foundations. :D