Sunday, January 20, 2013

Review: BADGAL Lash

Hello ladies,

Today, a quick review of Benefit's BADGAL lash. This was included in the I am Glam... therefore I am kit that Dawn had given me before. This is the Little Bit of BadGal Lash and not the full sized BadGal Lash though.

I actually like this product. The one that was originally included in my kit was already disposed and the one I used for this post is the new one that I bought from Canada.

Here's the brush. It's quite a regular looking brush but it does get the job done.

I like the consistency of the mascara. It's not very heavy on the lids and not very thick as well. I was previously using Maybelline's Volum Express and found it too messy at some point so when I saw this, it was like a breath of fresh air.

Swatched on hand


Once coat

Two coats

So this one doesn't really have much of a volumizing effect. It does have somewhat of a lengthening effect and is fairly water proof. Since it's really light, it does hold my lashes up for quite sometime. Sadly, it does not have that auto-curling property and does not some building up if you want your lashes to be vavoom. But it is a great product for toned down looks and some of those easy pick me up make ups.

It's also a plus that they have a small version and a regular sized version. I always have some regrets whenever I buy regular sized mascaras since I rarely use them on an everyday basis. I wear my glasses everyday... especially now that I changed my lenses to transition lenses... so wearing a mascara is not very advisable, as mascara-d lashes tend to rub onto the lens and blur them... worse scratch them. Plus it's annoying when you blink cause your lashes graze your lenses. SO, it's great that they have a mini version. 

What I like:
Mini and Regular Versions
Light formula
Strong Hold
Water proof

What I don't like:
A little pricey
Needs building up (takes too much time for me since I'm lazy)
Not volumizing
No auto-curling property

Will I buy again?
Maybe... if my aunt would buy me one from Canada. :) haha...

That's it for this really quick review.



  1. Aw, that sucks that it isnt that amazing! It seems to be a lovely fluttery coat on people with naturally long lashes but for us asian ladies it doesnt seem to do too much!

  2. @Sharlynn - Yeah. I just realized that it's quite hard to use for those with short lashes... I have medium length lashes so I get by, but it's awfully hard to use it on my mom whose lashes are short. Thanks for reminding me about that. :)