Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bee Friendly with Etude House Bee Happy Cell Phone Anti-Radiation Sticker

Hi guys!

Would just like to share with you this pretty awesome little thing I got as a GWP from Etude House way back more than a year ago that I just rediscovered a few days ago as I was cleaning my closet.

It's a sticker that helps lessen the harmful electromagnetic radiation emitted by our phones to our little friendly bees.

I think it's a sweet gesture of EH to have this item as GWP since it shows that they care for these darling creatures. Even if they are only small insects, they are still part of the ecosystem (and they make those yummy honey we love so much!).

I placed my cute sticker on my phone now though you can't really see it since it is covered by my super girly, pearly phone protector. Haha!



  1. I had this one too but sadly it is already fully depreciated hahaha XD