Tuesday, January 08, 2013

January Beauty Bar Haul

Hi everyone!

Two days ago, we brought our sis who is currently visiting from AU to Robinsons Magnolia. It's her first time there because she haven't been in the country for the past 10 months.
We just had to take her there since my bro and I had be frequenting the place because the food places there are awesome and the place is huge so it doesn't feel so crowded!

Before we ate dinner, my sis and I, being our kikay selves, stopped by Beauty Bar first to look at the items. My sis found new and exciting brands to check out! She hasn't been doing much kikay shopping in Australia since it is way more expensive there than here.

Anyway, we left the store with these items in their really pretty Beauty Bar paper bag!

4 items which we are sooo excited to use and review!

Prestige Sunflower Illuminating Bronzing Powder in Sunkissed

Prestige Multi Task Powder Foundation in Light Cocoa - Php500.00

Human Nature 100% Natural Purifying Facial Scrub - Php103.50

K-Palette 1 DayTatto Real Lasting Eyebrow in 02 - Php.00

My sis really missed our kikay shopping together. We will surely go out for more sometime soon!
We also plan to go to Cebu in a few days! Sooo excited for that! Yayyy!

So just comment below which of these items you want a review soon and we will try our best to post about it as soon as we can! :)



  1. Im interested in the eyebrow tattoo, it sounds so... long lasting!

    Kisses from Canada!

  2. will be waiting for your prestige bronzer review and swatch ^_^

  3. Please make a review of the scrub ^_^