Thursday, January 03, 2013

Etude House Milk Talk Body Wash in Strawberry

Hello lovelies!

I just love milk! I love milk based products.
Pastillas, Leche Flan, and Cheese! Yumm yumm!
I also prefer beauty items that has milk such as body washes, lotions and body scrubs.

So whenever I go shopping, I usually grab those items that have milk on their labels. It's become a habit of mine. 
And one of those that I got which I'm soooo happy I did is...

Etude House Milk Talk Body Wash in Strawberry

This super cute bottle is Php 298.00 and hold 200ml of the product.

Well, I don't speak Korean so I looked for the product details at EH Singapore's website:

So yeah, the description can use some more improvement. :P

Anyway, this is what the product looks like when squeezed out:

A little product goes a long way.
It lathers pretty well. It's so foamy which makes me enjoy taking baths even more!

I usually use it with loofas or bath sponges.

This product smells so good - like strawberry ice creams! Mmmmm!
When I rinse it off, I feel so clean and moisturized!

Super loving this product from Etude House! I'm so gonna buy the other scents - Banana, Apple, Steamed Milk and Chocolate! :)

By the way, we might seem a bit less active lately. My sis, Trace, just got back from Australia so we're off doing sisterly bonding and such. But I promise more exciting posts soon! Just look at these items she got me! 

Yayyy! Beauty products galore!

Hope you stay tuned for this!



  1. OMG, I wish I had a sister or family member like your sis! All that beauty stuff looks sooo good! Can't wait for the reviews and swatches!

    I will be trying out more skincare and bath products this year, will give etude house a good look too.

  2. wow, dami naman nyan sis! drooling here...hehe

    btw, I just ran out of my fave body wash and I've been looking for another one to try, didn't know that etude house had this! I prefer using body wash every night kasi, it makes me sleep well. Will definitely check it out later, I'll let you know once I tried it too..hehe

  3. I love EH's Steam Milk Body Wash :D Smells really nice and clean ^^ Grabe, ang dami nung uwi sayo ^____^

  4. I use the milk one!! It smells lovely! I wanna try the banana one next heheh! x

  5. Sharlynn - Can't wait to try them as well! Will do reviews soon!

    Hollie - I prefer body washes too. It makes bathing extra fun and indulgent! Haha! :P

    Valerie and Mimi - Ooooh! Will try that one too next time then! :D

  6. I love milk too and strawberry!! im loving this blog! :)