Saturday, November 17, 2012

Urban Decay NAKED 2

Hi guys!

Today's post is something most makeup lovers are quite familiar with.
This is probably one of the most coveted palette since it was released in the market...

Urban Decay NAKED 2
Eyeshadow Palette

This isn't mine. I just borrowed this from Liz's classmate in med school. I was doing her makeup for her birthday and I borrowed her palette just so I could blog a swatch post! Hihihi. ♥

I think I like this better than the first version which Liz already has. You can check our post about it here. Will probably create a separate swatch post about it in a different post. :P

So here's the palette. It has more matte shades compared to the first one which I like.

And here are some photos of the swatches.

Just look how pigmented they are!

Well, I am really a fan of the eyeshadows from Urban Decay. They are just so bold and long lasting! The color selections on their palettes are always nice! ♥♥♥

So that's it for this post.
Hope this swatch post could be of some help if you plan on buying this palette! I totally recommend it to those who love the nude/ natural look!



  1. Seeing this makes me want to get the Lorac Pro Palette even more.

  2. The naked palettes never really appealed to be, but I do love their more colourful palettes! They are usually a nice mix of neutrals and colours. <3

  3. I've been swatching their eyeshadows in sephora and they are soo good. I want to get some single shadows but I'm going to completely hold off the Naked palettes because I really dont think I'm going to use them all. I want the lorac pro palette! Gonna order it! ^^

  4. UDs eyeshadows are indeed pretty. too bad I don't have either naked 1 or two... I'm planning to buy either the lorac pro palette or the balm nude tude. I like their shades way better than the naked palette. ^_^

  5. Gah. I'm drooling over this palette but out of budget lagi. LOL Found a dupe pero waley na available ngayon. xD

  6. Should've made an EOTD post then.. my guests really liked my eyes that night.. thank you so much Dawn! Let's have another session soon! ^_^