Friday, November 30, 2012

FOTD: Beach Babe Bronze

Hello ladies,

Today we leave you with an FOTD which we haven't done for a long LONG time... 

Anyway, this FOTD was inspired by Natalie's comment on Liz's Rimmel post a few months back.

So, here we go. :) Although we did use other products but majority of the bronzing work was done using Rimmel Sunshimmer 3 in 1 Shimmering Bronzer in Bronze Goddess.

We were aiming for beach-babe tan... don't know if we achieved it though... what do you think?

And a ton more pictures of the look.

Liz just loves it when Dawn does a bronzed up look on her. If she hasn't said it before, she prefers this tanned look on herself. She just finds golden-olive skinned women, morena women, or mulato women really pretty. We both agreed that the best "tanned" or olive/golden skin we've seen so far is that of Cece from the show New Girl.

Anyway, hope you liked this FOTD. Will try to do more and post more in the upcoming months. :)



  1. Yeah, Cece is pretty hot. I also love the skin color of Paula Patton from Jumping the Broom and Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol. :D

  2. I find Cece very pretty. You did a great job dawn. And I love what you did with her eyes.

  3. Liz looks so hot~! Sun-kissed babe looks really good on her!!! ^__^