Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Review : The Body Shop All-in-One Concealer

Hello ladies,

Although this is not the one I promised to make for my next post, I felt that this one was long overdue... So without further ado... Finally, here's the review on The Body Shop All-in-One Concealer.

As was mentioned a few months back, this is part of their All-in-One collection, this basically has their Community fair trade Marula Oil ingredient and added Vitamin E which both care for your skin. Supposed to be a complement to that collection's star, the BB cream, here's what it promises:

A smooth, easy-to-blend concealer that effectively covers imperfections and dark shadows.

True enough this concealer glides smoothly and is easy to blend. However, I am not so convinced that it covers imperfections effectively.

Swatched on hand

After blending.

Used for spot covering.


After blending

Coverage is minimum. I have tried layering it over when it comes to covering big nasty pimples and really dark spots on my face and still could not attain the coverage I want. It did however cover my less troubling spots and areas and was a really good under eye concealer. 

Love the packaging since it's travel friendly plus unlike the ones that I have, I don't need to use my fingers or a brush to get some of the product onto my face. I've used it more often as a touch up concealer for when my morning concealing is starting to fade.

So to sum it up:

What I like:
Got it for free
Travel friendly packaging
Great for under eye concealing

What I don't like:
Minimal coverage

Will I buy again:
Not soon enough I guess since the amount I have will last me a long while before I ever buy again. But if I ever run out, I'll consider buying one.

That's it... It's really been a long over due post. Well hope this helped...



  1. aww, too bad the coverage is minimal I prefer a full coverage concealer just bcuz I have a really bad skin T__T

  2. mas perfect nga siya for the under eye. :)

  3. I love the packaging~ too bad it doesn't provides much coverage..

  4. I really like the idea of something portable like this that I can put on where I need. I used to use a stick concealer by rimmel but it's too dry. This sounds better although not much coverage!

  5. I have this and what I don't like about it is minimal coverage and it is not long wearing

  6. @issa: I agree about the not long wearing thing. But it's a good product nonetheless.

  7. Hi Peachy Pink Sisters Dawn and Liz :) Thanks for sharing this. Good thing I stumbled upon your review before I get myself one. 'Cos I also need a full coverage to conceal my blemishes... Uhmmm, what product would you recommend that offers full coverage yet affordable and gives better (if not best) results? Thank you :)

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