Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dior Cannage Color Collection Eye palette

 Hey guys!

Here's another borrowed makeup item from Liz's friend.
She let me borrow it for a while since I told her I'm a fan of Dior eyeshadows.

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Dior Cannage Color Collection Eye palette

I believe it was given to her by her aunt. 
I'm not quite sure if this palette is still available in the market nor of what its price is/was. All I know is that the colors included are just divine!

 It's a mixture of bold and neutral tones! All are shimmery and pigmented!

 Here are the swatches from top to bottom, left column first.

And here are some EOTD's I've done using the palette alone and some mascara.

 Using the right column (neutrals)

 Using the colors in the left column

I would have made more bold and colorful EOTD's if I wasn't going to the office when I did those makeup looks. Haha!

What I love about this palette is even though all are shimmery, the shimmers' colors differ. Some are gold, some are silver. And the colors in this palettes, especially the dark ones, pop out! 

 And what about that gorgeous packaging? The purple case is just gorgeous! And the big mirror is so helpful in doing my makeup. 
With just this palette, I can create several looks and I can live without other eye shadows for a long, long while. 

Oh I wish I have an aunt who could give me something like this too! Haha!



  1. I love your eyeshadow application !! ♥

    The Misty Mom

  2. the packaging is very chci and classy. colors are lovely, dawn :)

  3. I love the all the colors :) esp the blue one

  4. I really like what you did there! Very well done. I have a review on my blog of this palette too! Got it at the airport a while ago and isn't the formula of the shadows so buttery and smooth? just love them

  5. waah! you have to teach me how to do those eyes! i love that palette as well.. but you know me, still learning hehe.. you and liz are very much welcome to these babies.. ^_^

  6. Thanks girls!

    Chuchai - will definitely make a tutorial just for you! ♥