Friday, November 16, 2012

Review : The Body Shop All-in-One Face Base in 035

Buona sera signore,

I'd like to apologize if it seems that lately my posts have all been about products from The Body Shop. I just feel like I have to finish all my long overdue posts. Anyway, last time I reviewed the All-in-One Concealer, now here's the review on the All-in-One Face Base.

So again, this product has the key ingredients of the collection, Marula Oil and Vitamin E thus it's fairly good for the skin.

Here are pictures of the product.
I love that they did a separate compartment for the sponge and the face base itself. Makes everything clean and keeps away the oil that the sponge has sucked up from ruining the product.

Although I don't really use the sponge so I can't comment on how it looks if you use the sponge. I find that I tend to put more on with sponges or I tend to put it unevenly on my face. So ever since I got acquainted with make up brushes, I've never used sponge since.

And here is the face base.

So since I've been using brushes for this, I find that this face base is really hard to get onto the brush. It tends to get messy since I have to break the top layer to get some of the product onto the brush.

Here's how it looks.

Swatched on hand.

Dawn's cheek sans face base

With the All-in-One Face Base on.

So the finish of this is matte which makes it good for setting your make up. However, I do not recommend using it by itself as the coverage is minimal. Plus, although it's in the same collection as their wonderful, color adapting BB cream, it does not really adapt to match you. The finish is so white, even my brother said I looked odd up close and my imperfections seemed too obvious. I had to rub some off just to get it down to the shade I that suits me... which meant, almost nothing of the product was left on my face.

So in summary:

What I like:
Great for setting make up

What I don't like:
Too white

Will I buy again?
Probably not. I prefer using loose powders more than compacts.

I can't really put in a definite recommendation about the product. I'd probably recommend it to people who are more experienced with compacts and more experienced with a sponge as they know how to better use it. I wouldn't recommend it however to those that prefer the barely there make up since it sits too obviously on your skin.

If you've tried this product with the sponge do share with me your experience. Thank you.



  1. Maybe you just got the wrong shade, try 45. :) I have the same shade as yours, and I love it! It looks very natural on me. :)

  2. Will have to check this out when I visit Body Shop! :)
    The Misty Mom