Monday, November 19, 2012

Review: Myra-E VitaGlow Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15

Hello everyone!
It's almost December and it's getting a little less hot nowadays. Thank goodness. But even so, we should never forget to wear sunscreen and moisturizer to protect our skin.

I was guilty of not taking proper care of my skin and it did suffer the consequences. And to avoid it from happening again, I try my best to use products that will help my skin and keep myself disciplined to apply them daily.

As of now, I still haven't found my HG skin care products. I'm willing to try out various products. But of course, I don't just buy whatever I see. I read blogs and find the ones that have good reviews. Other than that, I also want products that are easy on the budget (I am really poor now). :P
So here comes a product that works well and is very affordable!
With quite a number of acne marks on my face, I just can't go out of the house without makeup on anymore. I just don't feel as pretty (haha!). That's why I look for makeup with heavy coverage to hide the dark marks and for faster makeup time. So why do I still use this? This tinted moisturizer can be a base for your foundation. It really works well as such!
It's not thick and it's very easy to spread on your face. It dries pretty quickly too so no need to wait before applying your foundation. 
Though it has minimal coverage, it lessens the redness and still can somewhat even out the skin. It has a matte finish which I like as well.
And of course, it is hypoallergenic! Something that I like to see in a product. I may not have much allergies but seeing this in products make me more confident in buying them. 
It also has Vitamin E which is good for the skin and SPF 15 which I think is pretty decent but not enough though. I still use sunscreen with this. 

So I pretty much like the product. If only it had more SPF and coverage, I would buy this over and over! Haha! And I wish they have more shades. The shades they have are not 'warm' enough for my skin tone. 

 For it's price, you definitely get more than what you paid for! It really is a good buy! :) 



  1. The tint looks a lot like other thinner foundations I've tried, a pale yellowish shade. I think a more beigey/warm tone in these tinted moisturizer lines in asia would be far more catering to us!

  2. I haven't tried this but I would love to try this out soon! thanks for sharing =)

  3. i see this sa watsons and grocery! been always wondering if it's worth it ;P

  4. Must try! Glad they have a tinted moisturizer. Been using Jane Tinted Moisturizer for quite some time now but dunno where to buy another one once I ran out of stock. lol

  5. Sharlynn - True but this color is already good for me now.

    Janet - You're welcome! :D

    Hazel - it's affordable naman and it delivers good results so far.

    Gellie - Let me know if you like it as well when you try this! :D

  6. Im using this now and I really love it for everyday use instead of EB BB cream because it looks so cakey once applied

  7. i try to apply this one.. but on my first day im not contented for the result on my face.. ang kapal mxadoh ng and nung 2magal prang ng-ooil ung mkha ko.. i try to apply powder on my face but a few minutes ng-oil ung nose ko and hndi ngpantay ung color.. puti ung mkha ko taz ung nose ko bumalik s normal ang color then aiun nga ng-oil..