Thursday, November 15, 2012

San San Makeup Brush Set

Hey guys!

I received a package from HBC a few weeks ago.

Included in the package was this makeup brush set.

The brush set is around Php150.00.

The kit contains 5 makeup brushes. These brushes are around 6 inches long. This set is very easy to carry around. Especially since the pouch holds the set altogether in a neat and organized way.

These are the brushes included in the set:
Blush brush
These is probably my least favorite in the set. The bristles are just too thick for me. It's not as soft as the brushes I use but I believe it is good enough as an applicator if you'd rather not buy those very expensive powder brushes.

An eyebrow brush
Probably my favorite in the kit. It just gets the right amount of product I need when I apply my brow powder. I sometimes use it as a gel liner brush when I want my liner thick. The tip is thin enough to create my favorite cat eyes effect.

A lip brush
I would have prefered a lip brush with a cap for hygienic reasons. But the bristles here are soft enough to spread your lippies.

Blending brush
I think this brush is too soft for me. It takes a while to blend the shadows.

Eyeshadow Foam Applicator
This one I use more for eyeshadows than the brush one. This can get the pigments I want to create the vibrant colors I want for my eyeshadow.

And that's all for the contents of this brush set.
Do I think it's good? For me, not really. I prefer the more expensive sets since they give a better finish for my makeup and the bristles in this set can fall off easily too. But I believe this is good enough for those who are just beginning to experiment on makeup or for those who are in a tight budget.



  1. Hi Dawn :D So hindi lahat okay?Hmm, will check landmark brushes later. Need ko lang is eyebrow brush and foundation brush. Thanks for sharing

  2. I wish San San would improve the quality of their makeup brushes. Well, for inexpensive but good makeup brushes, there's Marionnaud. :D

  3. True. Marrionaud and the ones in Landmark are good ones compared to these.

  4. I bought the recent version of this brush set last February 2014, and I gotta say, they stepped up their game with the bristles they use in the brushes, they used brown bristles now, They change the blush brush, the one I got is so soft that I even compare it to some of my higher end brushes, the blending brush is better now too, not too soft, not too hard, they change the foam applicator to white, and the angled brush became a little bit thicker, I used it more for brows than liners. :-) The pouch and blue handles didn't change though.

    1. I'm happy to hear that the quality of the brushes improved. It's always good news to know that our local products are stepping up their game and are now as good as imported ones. :D