Friday, November 09, 2012

L.A. Colors Eyeliner Pencil in Lime Green

Hello guys!!

Been a really tough week for me. Work has been loaded and I'm thrice as tired than usual.
So I can only do a quick post for today.

Anyway, eyeliners are also something I like to collect since I love doing eye makeup the most. I have quite a number of shades and one of them is...

L.A. Colors Eyeliner Pencil in Lime Green

This is my first liner from the brand and one of the few matte liners I have in a bold, colorful shade.

This pencil is only Php 89.00 at Watsons.
Very affordable for a non-local brand.
I was quite confident on this product when I bought it since I know it's a sister brand of Wet 'N Wild and I do love their liners.

Here's a swatch of the product

It is bold and opaque in color. Very matte and creamy too!
It's very easy to glide on skin and can be also applied to the inner rims of the eyes.
Lasting power is just so-so but I don't mind reapplying every now and then. It's very affordable anyway so I don't mind using it over and over. 

I pretty much plan on buying a different shade from L.A. Colors.
Any suggestions?



  1. Do they still have the twist-up eyeshadow pencils? Would love to try those. And that color looks soo bright, I love it!


  2. Didn't know sister companies pala sila. I'll check their eye shadows nga.... Parang mas mura sa LA Colors e.

  3. Parang ang daming promising products sa LA Colors?! Check ko nga minsan. Take care Dawn :)

  4. ay ang ganda! perfect for that pop of color noh sis.

  5. CJ - i think they still have them.

    LA - True. Bought more stuff from them that I'll review soon.

    Belle - Yup! Will use this in future creative posts!