Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Zen Zest Diva Off Blogger Party

Hi ladies!

If you don't know yet, Dawn and I are karaoke addicts, we'd always try to have at least one karaoke sleepovers every break. :) But then again, we do live in the Philippines and just about everyone is a karaoke addict... so when Zen Zest Asia planned to have their blogger event last Saturday night at Red Box Greenbelt, you're just about sure that it'll be a total hit.

For us this was our first Zen Zest blogger event although they've done several blogger events in the past, this was the first one that we were able to attend. To be honest, my experience with this brand was also somewhat of a first time plus not being much of a fan of perfumes, I really did not know what to expect of the products.

We came in quite early so the room was still relatively empty with only a couple of other bloggers there waiting and Ms Liz Lanuzo of Project Vanity welcoming us. I have to say it was kind of funny that we shared the same nick name. :) So since it was early, we settled down, and I went and sang a few songs while there were still relatively only a few people around. 

Me singing my heart out while I still can.

After two songs, our attention transferred to the products they were laying down before us. Boxes of perfumes decked out in their fashionable Christmas decor, their Christmas gift sets. And bottles of perfumes in a really cool dispensers; these, we would later on find out, were Zen Zest's new room sprays... much like your Glade air freshner, but cheaper and with a lot more volume. 

So I have to say, Zen Zest sure takes really good care of it's blogger community... nothing makes me love events more than food and they showered us with a lot. The food selection was not only scrumptious, it was healthy as well, with salads, steamed fish, veggies, etc... ahh... I could go on and on... but this post is about the event... minus the food.

So... about 7:30 or something, the event promptly started with Melai of Style and Soul hosting the event. 

We start off with Ms. Michelle Asence giving us a quick run through of their Christmas gift sets. 

So let's go through them. They have 4 types of gift sets each catering to a specific criteria of "someone special" in your life. 

First of we have their room fragrance set. It's the holidays, and if you're house is like our house, a little lagging in the Christmas spirit, then a little spray  of Christmas Spirit or Winter Wonderland ought to get you up to speed with the Christmas feel. With just Php 250, you can get the 250 ml of bottle and enjoy...

 the sweet smell of cinnamon and berries of Christmas Spirit or

the nostalgic warmth of spicy cinnamon and clove in Winter Wonderland.

But if you can't decide which scents to gift to someone or to yourself then they have a pair of 80 ml bottles of both scents for Php 99.

So, since it's Christmas, you'll surely be looking for gifts for your girl-friends, moms, aunts, sisters... so they've also prepared 80 ml duos of their Body Spray for Women. You can 2 choose from their four available options: Pink Peony, Pink Tulip, Baby Powder, and Day Dream. All of this for the price of Php 99.

If they're a little more of the perfume addicts, for Php 120, the 120 ml  twosome for women of Berry Blush and Pure Cotton Body Spray should do the trick

And of course, for the manly men in your life, there is also an 80 ml duo worth Php 99 which you can customize by choosing from their four variants: Sport, Extreme, Active, and Rush.

Who says love has to be expensive?

After, Ms. Michelle's informative introduction to the products, we have Ms. Divine Lee herself, share her experience with the Room Fragrances.

She says that it's easy for her to talk about these products  because she really loves them and uses them herself. They last long, they smell really great, and they work on eliminating really bad smells plus they're cheap - which she likes cause she tends to spray them EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE as she's very particular with odors and smells.

Will put up reviews and what nots of these on another day as this post is getting too long to keep your attention.

So anyway, this Diva Off event, really brought out the Karaoke-loving nature inside of all of us. With the Php 5,000 + Zen Zest personal set for the first prize on the line, and the 5,000 GCs to Maldita for the runners up, and 500 Zen Zest GC for all those who will sing, of course, everybody became interested and game for the whole Diva Off.
Shen of Shensaddiction

Divine Lee

But even without the money, I bet we'd still belt our hearts out. :)

It was a great night and a great turn out. A lot of bloggers were there, the most number I've seen so far in my past year of attending events. Just wasn't able to meet and greet all of them... I'm always so awkward in first meetings.

Pictures of the runners up for the Diva Off competition.

with Martha of The Beauty Junkee winning the coveted first place.

Pictures of Dawn and Me...

with Victor Basa and Divine Lee

With Michelle Asence

With Liz Lanuzo

And let's not forget our loot bags. :) yippee. :)

Well, that's it for another happy blog event. Thank you to Liz Lanuzo for the invite! :) Hope to attend another event, and will surely patronize be using that 500 worth GC for more room fragrances. :)



  1. this is such a fun party! :) and very affordable yung gift sets nila! yay!

  2. Wow! I wish I was invited! Hahaha!

    I love singing, too!!! You know, I'm a frustrated singer!!! Hahaha! =D

    One Zenzest product that I'm raving about recently is the Room Fragrance! It definitely calms me down after a long day of work! ^__^

  3. issa - it was! so happy to have been invited. :)

    angelamhiere - sayang! pero agree ako sa room fragrance... Now I open my cabinet for the purpose of smelling the cabinet deodorizer. :)