Friday, November 02, 2012

Baviphat Eyeliner Wood in No.2 Star Black

Hello lovelies!

Black liners is a must-have in my makeup stash. I have to have it in every kind of liner, but I believe the most important is a black pencil liner. It's the easiest to use and the most versatile in my opinion.That's why I am always on a look-out for a great black eyeliner pencil. 

So one day while I was out having lunch, I stopped by a Korean makeup stall and saw this...

Baviphat Eyeliner Wood in No.2 Star Black

I got it in a cheap price of around Php150.00. It's available in 2 other colors - brown and white.

I barely have any Baviphat products which made me want to get it just so I have something to add in my stash. :P

This product is REALLY creamy and pigmented - very black indeed. It also has some fine glitters with it. It easily glides on skin and even on the waterline. It's something I'd use in doing smokey eye makeup!

But it's very easy to remove when you smudge it. I have oily lids so it doesn't stay on very long on me. And underneath my eyes, it gets smudged easily so there are occasions wherein I get the panda eyes. :(

Oh well... It's not the best black liner pencil I have but it's really handy. Like I said, it works great on smokey eye makeup and works well if you plan on doing an emo-look! :P

Have you tried this eyeliner yet? What about other Baviphat items?
Do you use black liner pencils often too?
Which is your favorite?



  1. I use a WNW Color Icon Eye Pencil as my black eyeliner <3

  2. haven't tried this one yet! i find pencil eyeliner smudges too easily for me! so i now use gel liners (the one from maybelline) more often :D

    Dress Me Up Buttercup

  3. Gellie - I lovvvvee WnW eye liners too!

    Hazel - Yeah, I use gel liners to line the upper part of my eyes.