Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Playing with Liz's Naked Palette

Hello, everyone!

This is actually a very delayed post (I've been so busy lately).

Only recently have I experienced the 'magic' of Urban Decay eyeshadows (and primer potion). I've been reading a lot about it and most are more than satisfied with its performance. The first time I got to use it was when my friend, Liz, brought her palette to my house. It is actually a gift to her by our friend, Rica. :)

Of course I was excited to try every single shadow out!

Good thing Liz is such a dear friend and just let me play with the palette and I even convinced her to be my experiment!
First I tried out the metallic colors first. I didn't put any eyeliners on the first look. Just so everything will rely on the shadows.

But I think the lippie over-powered the whole look. I think this would work if she has a fierce black eyeliner on the top of her upper lashes.

We toned her lips down with a neutral shade of lippie.
It looks better in my opinion. Could work as a day makeup!

Next I tried the pink and mauve ones on me.

I really felt like a princess when I wore this look. :D

My sis also tried the palette out. She prefers the neutral shades on her eyes so she's actually the more excited one between the two of us when it comes to using the Naked Palette.

She used a mix of the gold and mauve shades.

And lastly I applied a smokey eyeshadow on Liz

Partnered with a pale gloss, it's a fantastic look for a great night out!

This experience really made me want to own my own UD palette. That's why I bought the UD Book of Shadows III (I♥NYC) last December. And I'm very happy with it!

I know that the New version of UD's Naked Palette is out and I'm very eager to get my hands on it. But for now, I don't have any plans on buying it. Besides, I like the more colorful shades on me. I'll just stick to the eyeshadows I have for now and probably just borrow Liz's Naked Palette once in a while. Haha! :)



  1. I love my NAKED palette too, but i rarely use the darker colors.

    great EOTD btw, i love how you blended it :)

  2. I've never ever had any sort of Urban Decay eyeshadow. The only thing I have is UDPP. You are starting my lemming for UD shadows! Haha. Nice blending on the smokey :)

    Chrissy @ Cosmetic Fixation

  3. Thanks, Chriselle! I didn't plan on buying UD shadows til I got the chance to use Liz's palette. Now I can't keep my hands off my UDNYC palette! Haha! :)

  4. love urban decay! great eyeshadows!

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    maybe we can keep in touch via GFC