Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Review: The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Lotion

 Hello ladies,

Remember these? These are the gifts we got from The Body Shop's LYB Members Only early Christmas event.

I know it's a little delayed but I had to try the products first in order to give honest reviews...

For this post, allow me to give my thoughts on the Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Lotion

I'm sensitive about lotion because I have really dry skin on the legs... on their worst days, my legs look scaled, like snake skin so I always try to find really good lotions.

So I gave this one a try and I'd say, it's fairly hydrating and is good for days when the weather doesn't dry out your skin that much. It's very lightweight and not sticky. Plus the fragrance is heavenly, just the right balance between floral and fruity.

I love the packaging as well, as it's very clean and easy to take with you. With a twist of the pump, it's ready to dispense, twist it again and it's completely spill proof.

So what's it's result on my skin. Well, it kept my skin hydrated and kept it from getting snake-skin-looking. However, although I love that it's very lightweight and not sticky, I felt like the hydration was not enough. Or it could just be me... It certainly leaves your skin feeling silky... but for me it's not the silky soft type. Thus my recommendation of only using it on days when the weather is not so harshly drying on your skin.

In summary:

What I like:
All Natural Ingredients

What I don't like:
Fairly hydrating not deeply hydrating

Will I buy again:
Of course. Although it's not at the level of hydration that I want, I still like this product a lot because of the fragrance and because it's easy to put it in my luggage when I go off to the province. :)

Next up will be the Japanese Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette. ;)


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