Sunday, November 18, 2012

MAC 4 Face : Dazzle Palette

Hello ladies,

I'd like to share with you one of my favorite MAC products, MAC 4 Face: Dazzle Palette. 

My very first MAC product was actually something similar to this one... Difference was that the colors were a little less shimmery and more matte than this one and the case was more glittery.

Although I do love this case I like the case of my previous one better because it seemed more scratch friendly. Even after having it for 3 years, it still looked like new.

However, I lost my original one sometime during my college years so I was rather overjoyed when my aunt gave this to me.

Swatches of the 2 lipgloss and 1 lipstick. (Dreamy, Mod-de-Mauve, Plumful)

and the Cream Color Base: Shell

Truth be told, I've never really quite got the purpose of the Cream Color Base... when I first got this I thought it was for the cheeks... and up till now I still don't know what it's for.

Anyway, here it is applied on the lips.




I super love this palette because:
1. The mirror is HUGE
2. Easy to carry
3. Shades are perfect for the simple minimal make up looks that I like doing.

Just an itsy bitsy problem... what do I do with the Cream Color Base anyway? If anyone knows do tell me.



  1. Maybe the cream colorbase is for highlighthing, the browbone or the cheekbones?

    Anyway, plumful looks best. :D

  2. I think the base might be for the eyeshadows?

  3. same with above maybe as eyeshadow base? or highlighter~ but the rest of the shades are really lovely ^_~

  4. Hi, Liz! Shell is a highlighting cream! YouTube guru Kandee Johnson swears by it-- it's her go-to highlighter. She dabs a little on the cheekbones then sets it with a powder highlighter for a glow that stays in place whatever you do. Hope this helps!